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John Burns – Nothing but goodness from their first bite to their golden years

Burns Pet Nutrition has been keeping dogs healthy and active from puppyhood to adulthood for over thirty years, supporting them with nutritious, hypoallergenic and award-winning recipes to keep them doing what they do best.

If you’ve welcomed a new puppy into your home, Burns nutritionally complete puppy food contains natural ingredients like chicken, brown rice and veggies in healthy and hypoallergenic recipes that they love.

Puppy MiniBased on their award-winning original recipe, Burns puppy food is perfectly balanced with everything your puppy needs to build strong bones, support gentle digestion and help your puppy grow into a healthy and happy adult dog. Choose from tasty varieties like wholesome chicken and brown rice, or grain free duck and potato for those extra sensitive tums.

If you notice your dog slowing down as they’re getting older, they may need a little extra nutritional support to keep them going strong. When dogs get to the age of seven, they may start to develop common issues like difficulty seeing, bad breath, slow movements, incontinence, weight gain and even a change in their behaviour.

Senior+ rangeDespite their age, senior dogs still have a lot of life left to live and Burns Senior+ recipes can give them an extra nutritional boost to keep them living life to the fullest. The Senior+ range from Burns is a tasty, healthy and hypoallergenic food formulated especially for dogs over seven.

Based on Burns award-winning original recipe, Burns Senior+ diet includes a blend of healthy superfoods like salmon oil, green tea extract and glucosamine, to help your dog maintain healthy joints, mobility and good cognitive function as they get older.

Available in both standard size kibble and a smaller kibble, this recipe is not only suitable for smaller dogs but may also be more palatable for dogs who have undergone dental treatment. Formulated with key ingredients balanced to support older dogs, Senior+ is a great way to help your dog live well at any age.

Established in 1993 by a veterinary surgeon, Burns Pet Nutrition is a pioneering pet food brand responsible for creating some of the first healthy, wholesome and hypoallergenic recipes available on the market.

For over 30 years, Burns has won numerous awards, including the top prize in the Which? Consumer poll of best pet foods four years running. They’ve also sold over 3 billion bowls to date and kept generations of pets happy and healthy.

As part of the Assisi Pet Care group, Burns carries on their philosophy of using wholesome and sustainable ingredients to create the nutritious food that pets love.

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