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Anyone who is lucky enough to have a pet knows how much of an impact they have on our mental health. They bring us so much happiness every day, so when something’s not quite right with them, it can be incredibly stressful.

Many pet parents also know what a hassle going to the vet can be, especially when you’re not sure if there’s even a problem. That’s where Joii Pet Care can help; it’s like the NHS 111 for pets, with a qualified team ready to help pet owners 24/7, 365.

It feels like having your own personal vet in your pocket, where your pet can be assessed whenever and wherever you are. But how does it actually work?

The vets

The compassionate and friendly vets are all UK-trained and registered with the RCVS. They’re based all over the world, meaning they’re awake and ready to help no matter what time it is in the UK.

The consultation

Joii app on phoneYou’ll need to have your four-legged friend with you, so the vets can work with you to examine them. They’ll then look at everything from behaviour and energy, to how they are moving, any lumps and bumps, and even their gums and teeth.

You can also upload videos or photos to help our vets develop a better understanding of the issue. This is great for pets who get stressed at the vets and feel most comfortable in their own home.

And the Joii vets will always tell pet parents if they need to go into a vet practice. They just want the best for your pet.

What sort of things can be treated?

You’d be surprised how much can be done through a video call! Here’s just a few of the things you can receive help on from home:

  • Upset tummies: vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Itchy skin: why they are scratching and what you can do
  • Bad behaviour or training support
  • Toxin advice: if your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have

You can also join a health clinic with a nurse, designed to equip pet parents with the knowledge and support they need to give pets the best quality of life, including:

  • Puppy and kitten clinics for everything you need to know about your new pet
  • Older pet clinics and advice on helping your pet into their golden years
  • Advice on diet, grooming, flea and worms, dental, and so much more!

There’s even behaviour clinics with a qualified behaviourist to help with everything from stressed out cats and grumpy dogs, training your lockdown puppy or dealing with separation anxiety.

Joii app

The pet symptom checker

Joii app symptom checkerAn astounding 80% of pet owners admit to Googling their pet’s symptoms, which can be a very dangerous thing. There’s a lot of conflicting advice available on the net, making it potentially harmful to pets. The free symptom checker helps pet owners decide what to do when there is a problem, and get advice that has been created by vets for pet parents.

Get remote care for your four-legged friend with a vet consultation for £24, anytime day or night. And there’s no need to book in advance!
Over 150,000 pets are already registered. Sign your pet up for free today!

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