RabbitFood & HayJoin the adventure of our hamster-blogger & Little One

Join the adventure of our hamster-blogger & Little One

Meet Pippa @pippa_littleone – hamster-blogger and Little One’s fluffy ambassador. She is cute, she is curious, and she loves to play!

Every day on her Instagram page Pippa tells all about Little One and its products, shares interesting facts from the small pet world and provokes everyone to join her in all the fun and adventures. But most of all she loves to share her favorite Little One treats with her friends!

Follow Pippa and get a chance to win set of treats!

    little one productsPippa invites you to follow her on Instagram and get a chance to win a set of treats for your pet!
    What to do:

  • Follow @pippa_littleone on Instagram
  • Send the word «Adventure» via direct message
  • Don’t miss our Instagram stories on 31st of March!

3 lucky winners will be chosen randomly and send a set of Little One treats for small mammals

Little One Treats for everyday adventures of your small pets

    little-one-treatsWhen you brought your cute small pet home for the first time, you, no doubt, dreamed of enjoying playtime together. That’s a good thing – pets want to have fun too! Playtime is something both you and your pet can happily enjoy together.
    Being a reflection of small pet’s personality Little One knows for sure what is needed for the pet’s healthy, active and happy life. And while caring for your pet’s basic needs —quality food and health care is essential; we know that playing and entertaining is the key to creating a special bond!

    Our treats help to create a special bond with your pet!
    Giving your pet small treats during together time can turn it into a bonding moment. Your pet will associate the play-experience with a reward and you. To feel a strong connection, an animal should directly associate an activity with you.

    To make the most of playtime choose one of the Little One treats. The wide range has everything to make the pets’ life at home healthy, happy and full of adventures. Little One offers various treat-toys, snacks in jars, sticks with different flavours, yummy branches and natural treats.
    Remember treats are not only a great source of entertainment but also a healthy and very delicious addition to the pets’ daily diet.

      Little One’s delicious treat-toys will surely fill your pets’ life with fun and joy!
      The Flower Bowl, Vegetable Pizza, Tasty Bluebell, Sticks and the Tasty Bowls are all made from aromatic meadow grasses – ideal for pampering and encouraging your pet to play.
      With Little One treat-toys you can be 100% sure to offer your pet a tasty and healthy snack. The range is fully edible and perfect for grinding down the ever-growing teeth.


      Join the Little One Club on Facebook and subscribe to the Little One Instagram account for the latest updates.

      Or for more information visit the website www.mealberry.com



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