CATSCat HealthcareKeep parasites away with Fipnil plus

Keep parasites away with Fipnil plus

This time of the year, we’re starting to think about the cold months ahead. Fireworks night, putting on the central heating and the run up to Christmas. The last thing we’re probably thinking as pet owners is fleas, ticks & worms. But we should! More now than ever, fleas can adapt and live within our homes, escaping the harsh winter conditions.

Fleas can travel and survive within in your warm homes. Inside, they’ll feed off your pets, reproduce and lay eggs. The eggs will hatch, the fleas will grow and they’ll start all over again.

Although your house maybe protected, the same cant be said for every home you visit (especially as we’re visiting family and friends during the festive season).
So, its best to take care, and continue your regular flea treatment, like you would during Spring & Summer.

Fipnil Plus for dogs Fipnil Plus is a combination product designed to kill and prevent fleas, ticks and biting lice for cats and dogs. The product also offers protection within the home, killing off flea eggs. Simply apply the solution on the back of the neck for a full months’ worth of protection.

Don’t forget to worm! Worms are very resilient all year round. Its good practice to continue to worm your pets so they don’t pick up any unwanted internal visitors. If left untreated, you pet could experience some tummy upset, general behaviour change, and in some cases significant weight loss.Prazitel Cat 104 Pack

Prazitel is a combination wormer designed to kill most common worms in cats and dogs. A quarterly treatment should keep those pests away. (Please consult your registered animal medicines advisor is more frequent use is required).

Use both Fipnil Plus & Prazitel for complete parasite protection. Available now through selected retail and online stores.

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Article By Jonathon Doyle, National Account Manager Chanelle Pharma Pet UK.



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