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Keep your Furr Baby calm during firework season

Firework season has arrived, but while we’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the whizz bangers and firecrackers, any pet parent knows that these can cause extreme anxiety and stress to dogs, making firework season a time to dread for both you and your Furr Baby.

Here, Louise Toal, the founder of dog hydration drink Furr Boost, shares her top tips on how to keep your pooch calm during the displays.

Firework-proof your home

It might seem like an obvious trick, but the first step to helping your Furr Baby stay calm during firework displays is to lessen the sound of those whizzes and bangs, and make sure the bright flashes can’t be seen!

Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks, and put on some soothing music or tv to drown out any distant noises. Of course, avoid films or programmes with loud noises too, as these will only heighten your pooch’s stress.

Allow them free roam of the home, but if possible create a dedicated “calm” zone – somewhere where your dog can curl up undisturbed by activity within the home. Make sure all of their favourite toys are there and consider putting down some of your own soft clothing to give an extra sense of security and reassurance.

Top up hydration levels

Dog with Furr Boost in bowlYou might notice your pooch pants more during firework season, especially during the displays themselves. That’s because anxiety can cause a dog’s body temperature to rise, just like in us humans, which can cause dehydration to set in quicker than you’d expect it to during those chilly autumn evenings.

Make sure bowls are filled to the brim as they will need extra fluids to counteract the physical effects of anxiety. Consider placing one near to their dedicated calm zone so that frightened Furr Babies don’t have to venture far from their safe space to take a drink.

If you’re worried your pooch doesn’t drink enough water, treat them to a dog hydration drink, like Furr Boost, for some all-important extra fluids. Available in three delicious flavours; beef, broccoli, and blueberry; chicken, butternut squash, and cranberry; and pork, sweet potato, and apple, they can be served alone or poured onto dry food to top up hydration without them even realising

Furr Boost drinks range

Distract with treats and toys

Dog treatsWe all know our pooches love nothing more than treats and toys, whatever time of year it is. Providing their favourite snack, ball or activity will distract them from what’s going on outside the window and keep their minds occupied throughout fireworks.

Instead of the usual treats you might give them, opt for those which take longer to consume, as your dog will naturally be busier for longer – dog-safe bones or long-lasting chews are perfect!

Activity which combines treats with enrichment is even better for keeping pooches entertained throughout the whole firework display. Try stuffing a snuffle mat with food, or create your own hydrating refreshments, like frozen Furr Boost. Just pour their favourite flavour into a cast, whether it’s a Kong, Lickimat, or just an ice cube tray, and they’ll be too busy licking their favourite treat to even notice any fireworks outside.

If none of our tips and tricks help ease your Furr Baby’s stress, don’t hesitate to contact your vet

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