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Keeping the digestive tract healthy and functioning

Pre and probiotics

Pre and probiotics are extremely beneficial for keeping the digestive tract healthy and functioning as it should. But what actually are pre and probiotics?


Probiotics are microorganisms, such as ‘good bacteria’ which live in the gut and help to keep it healthy and functioning properly. If bacteria are ever lost, consuming probiotics can be beneficial as they can help to replace them and reset the balance of good and bad bacteria, which in turn helps to keep the digestive tract healthy and working as it should.

Good bacteria in the gut are essential for immune system health, preventing disease, and digesting food, but in order to do so, they also need a food source. These are called Prebiotics.


Prebiotics are present in most fibre-rich ingredients and are comprised of non-digestible polysaccharides and oligosaccharides which are extremely beneficial for the digestive system, as they help to stimulate the growth and development of beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics are a source for probiotics to feed off, and they are essential for digestive regularity and immune health as they help to increase the production of vitamins in the body.

Which Probiotic do we use?

Most other dog food brands contain only prebiotics in their fibre-containing ingredients. We are different as our recipes have an added probiotic called ‘Enterococcus Faecium’. This bacterium is extremely beneficial as it flourishes in the gut and helps to eliminate harmful organisms by competing for biological resources, and binding to adhesion sites on cells that the harmful bacteria also need to survive. It is because of this that Enterococcus faecium is classed as a ‘multi-tasking’ bacterium. The addition of this probiotic in our recipes makes Vale Pet Foods a unique brand and we stand out from the rest.

In addition, several of our fibre-rich ingredients that are included in our recipes contain natural prebiotics which help to feed the probiotics and keep the good bacteria flourishing in the digestive system. It is important to have both pre and probiotics present in your dog’s diet, as they work together to create a biologically beneficial environment in the digestive system, which in turn ensures that food is digested efficiently.

In conclusion, when our food is consumed, it creates the perfect environment in the gut for good bacteria to thrive, break down food efficiently and prevent harmful organisms from developing and causing issues in the digestive system.

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