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Leave a Gift in your Will today and help dogs like Duke

Every year, up to 1 million dogs are brutally slaughtered for meat in Southeast Asia. Often they are dragged off the streets or stolen from their homes; leaving their families desperate for their return.

When the FOUR PAWS team in Cambodia found Duke, he was crammed in a cage with other dogs – many of them stolen pets. All the dogs were crying and whimpering in desperation, and some even reached their paws through the bars of the cage as if asking for help.

Thankfully, we were able to rescue Duke and shut down the slaughterhouse permanently. Duke has since been adopted into a loving home.

Poor dogs in cage
But not all of Cambodia’s dogs are so lucky and there are thousands more that need protection.

92% of our rescues and animal services are funded by Gifts in Wills

By leaving a Gift in your Will to FOUR PAWS UK, you could save more animals like Duke and enable us to continue our work in stopping this brutal trade. In fact, 92% of our rescues and animal care services are funded by Gifts in Wills.

We understand that writing a Will is something that many of us put off so to make it as easy as possible, FOUR PAWS UK has partnered with Will writers Bequeathed. Bequeathed is an expert Will writing service that will guide you through what is largely a stress-free, quick and effortless process.

Get started with our free online Will service today

The simple and convenient service Bequeathed provide enables you to make a free online Will or update a current Will from the comfort of your home. A percentage of your estate or a specific amount can make a lasting difference to animals in need.

You can make your Will for free online today. A basic Will can be done in about 20 minutes following the helpful prompts. Simply visit bequeathed to get started.

I’m leaving a Gift in my Will to FOUR PAWS UK because they get to animals that are suffering NOW, relieving the pain and torment that many of them are living in every day. It’s comforting to know that FOUR PAWS will get something and there is no time better to prepare for it than the present
Veronica S – FOUR PAWS supporter

There is no obligation to leave a Gift to FOUR PAWS UK in your Will, we appreciate that your family will always come first. If you do have a little left over to remember the animals, they would be immensely grateful. A Gift in your Will could help us be there at the darkest times and save more animals like Duke whatever the future holds.

Poor dog in cage

Gifts in Wills enables FOUR PAWS to protect animals globally. From saving dogs like Duke from the meat trade to rescuing and re-homing animals like big cats and bears who live in our species-appropriate sanctuaries

Leaving a Gift in your Will to FOUR PAWS UK could help us continue our mission to improve animal welfare, worldwide. Please consider leaving a Gift to FOUR PAWS UK in your Will today.

To make your free Will or to find out more, please visit our online Will writing partner Bequeathed at

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