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Edgard & Cooper have discovered Pupsters: the millions of first-time pet owners who welcomed in a four-legged friend during and beyond the pandemic.

Are you one of them?

The most conscientious generation of pet parents to date, Pupsters are all about making the best choices for their pet and the planet – and integrating them into every part of their lives – from the office to the bedroom… and beyond!

Edgard & Cooper conducted research earlier this year* and were thrilled to find out about Pupsters’ concern for the planet. Six in ten really think about their dog’s carbon pawprint when buying things for them, nearly half are going to explore feeding their dog less meat, and 78% think their pup’s diet is as important as their own. We couldn’t agree more!
The research also revealed a whopping 84% of these new dog owners plan to take their dog to the office when they head back and 29% said they’ve made big changes to their lifestyles to fit in with their furry friend.

And it’s not just in the real world that Pupsters are busy; 47% of them have created an Instagram account for their pooch, with 78% posting more regularly on their dog’s account than their own and admitting their canine gets more clicks than they do!

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Paws up if this sounds familiar! Any dedicated pet parent can live a Pupster life so our take our quiz and find out just how Pupster you really are!

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*Research conducted by 3Gem for Edgard & Cooper surveying 1,000 new dog owners and 1,000 long-term down owners between 18-55 years old from the UK. Research conducted in May 2021.