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What is Leucillin Animal Skincare?

Healthy skin makes for a happy, healthy and active pet. We all think about our own skincare but how often do we think about our pets?

Leucillin is your pets’ answer to clean, clear and healthy skin as a natural antiseptic product giving owners the confidence to care for their pets skin health.

As the body’s largest organ, skin acts as the first and largest line of defense against harmful germs therefore protecting and maintaining its health is vital to the overall wellbeing for you and your pet.

LeucillinLeucillin is an effective, reliable first aid, sanitizing and management tool, tackling many of the common problems pet owners face. An incredibly versatile and easy to use solution that cares from the outside in, Leucillins’ gentle formula is soothing and calming to; itchy skin, sore paws, cuts and grazes, weepy eyes and irritated ears whilst irradiating harmful pathogens which can cause symptoms of redness, pain, itching and smell. It is formulated to match the pH of your pets’ skin it is non-toxic, will not sting, irritate or harm healthy tissue.

Leucillin works by cleverly mimicking the body’s own immune system, replicating the naturally occurring chemical in the mammalian body as produced by the white blood cells to fight infection caused by invading germs. It is therefore a natural antiseptic the body has the ability to recognise and work in harmony with.

Leucillin has a proven unbeatable efficacy of 99.99999%, whilst being totally safe, it is almost instant in its effect and, unlike antibiotics, bacteria have not shown an ability to develop immunity to it. Leucillin kills pathogens that can cause infection and impede healing, providing pet owners with a user-friendly solution that is safe for all members of the family to use and care for their pet.

Suitable for ears, eyes, sensitive and allergy prone skin types, Leucillin has a wide and varied range of uses and capabilities within all areas of animal healthcare. Leucillin effectively calms the symptoms of allergy suffers, eradicating secondary infection caused by itching, chewing and scratching, it is a cleansing aid for ears and eyes and also a wound wash for minor cuts and abrasions. Leucillin quickly relieves, soothes and calms for good skin and coat condition and is suitable for all mammals, birds and reptiles; from Cats to Cayman, Dogs to Degus, Hamsters to Horses.

Leucillin is available to purchase from most independent specialist pets stores, Pets At Home and Just For Pets as well as being widely available online. For more information please visit the Leucillin website, Facebook page or call us on 0345 548 9800.



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