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Dog In The City: Moving With A Dog To The Big City

There’s nothing unusual for urban dog owners about walking their pet just a few metres from the bus or tram, or even getting on public transport with them, or taking their dog to a shopping centre.

Dogs growing up in such an environment will automatically get accustomed to these things. However, if you live in the suburbs or in a small town and your dog has never been in such situations, you should consider a few things before you take them to the city.

What to take with you?

For travelling by public transport, the best idea is to choose a harness that is easy to put on, such as JULIUS-K9®’s IDC® Powerharness which is designed for busy days, early morning walks, and for getting around safely at all times. This is the harness you can put on your dog with one simple movement and which you can always rely on in every dangerous situation.

When picking a harness, you should choose one with a handle because it allows you to efficiently control your dog, stop them immediately when it’s necessary and you can also help them in getting around in public transport, on stairs or getting in and out of your car.

Bus, underground, tram

dog in a cityWhen it comes to travelling by public transport in a city, you should specifically socialize your dog for the precise type of transport, instead of e.g., taking a bus ride without any preparation. First get on a bus parked at the terminal, preferably at a time when the engine is not running. You should frequently reward calm behaviour with treats both when you’re getting on and when you are already on the bus. When you can do this without a problem, the next stage is to take your dog on to a moving vehicle. In addition to the sudden movement, the dog may also be surprised by the warning signals of the closing door and the subsequent slamming noise, so it makes sense to prepare for this and divert the dog’s attention with a command that they recognise, or by offering a treat or toy.

If you want to travel on the underground, you should consider how you are going to reach the platform. The only way to transport a dog safely on a moving escalator is if you carry them, since their paws can easily be caught at the foot of the stairs if they don’t step off the moving escalator quickly enough.

Shopping together

Fortunately, dogs are allowed in more and more shopping malls nowadays. You no longer have to leave them at home or in the car if you want to pop down to the shops or you have to get some chore done. Shopping malls typically have automatic or revolving doors which may be unsettling for your dog at first. If they go through the doors without any problem on the first attempt, praise them, and if they get cold feet, invite them in nicely with a treat. If they are stubborn and don’t want to go through the door at all, check around the entrance area, because malls usually have a conventional door too. On this occasion, that’s what you should use.

With you everywhere

JULIUS-K9®’s IDC® Powerharness was designed to help you take your dog wherever you go in the city. It’s not just for walking together: you can travel together, go to the store or the café together or wherever you please – any day of the week.

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