SMALL FURRY PETSChinchillaLittle One range now available at pedigree wholesale and various pet stores...

Little One range now available at pedigree wholesale and various pet stores in the uk

From rabbits to guinea pigs, hamsters to rats, Little One knows that small furry friends have big personalities and need only the best products for a healthy and active life full of adventures.

Little One offers an ideal choice of tasty pet food that provides the perfect nutritional balance. Made from 100% natural ingredients for better health and well-being the product range offers: complete feeds, various snacks, treat – toys, natural treats, hay and care products!

All products are now available in various pet stores throughout the UK.

Complete Feeds. Tailored Nutrition

little one products Working closely with breeders, Little One has developed specialized diets for every type of small mammal. The delicious complete feed range offers a well-balanced daily diet for: hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice, degus, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, rabbits and junior rabbits.

Little One “Green Valley”. Grain Free Range

The special range of grain free fiberfood is perfect for all kinds of herbivorous pets, including those with special dietary needs. Each complete feed is made with the use of cold pressing technology and includes a variety of 60 meadow grasses, dried flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Range of Treats. Tasty Snacks for Diet Enrichment

Little One snacksThe delicious range of Little One treats includes: snacks in jars, sticks with different flavours, biscuits, yummy branches and natural treats.

Treat-toys. Snack. Play. Enjoy!

The selection of treat-toys has everything for the pets’ happy life full of adventures: Flower bowl, Vegetable pizza, Tunnel “Tasty maze», Tasty bluebell, Sticks and Bowls from meadow grasses.

Hay. Nature’s Best

Little One careNaturally grown in eco-friendly areas Little One Mountain hay is carefully selected and dried to provide a high-quality feeding and bedding product for small mammals.

Care products. Solutions for little ones

Little One offers best natural hygiene and care solutions: Hazelnut branches for grinding down teeth, as well as Bathing sand and Wood chips.

Little One products are available at Pedigree Wholesale.
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