CATSCat Food & TreatsLoved by more than 85% of fussy felines!*

Loved by more than 85% of fussy felines!*

It is no secret that cats are deemed fussy in the food department. So, how can we feed cats a gentle, healthy diet that satisfies the fussiest of felines?

Vet, John Burns MBE and the pet nutritionists at Burns Pet Nutrition have put their heads together to crack the kitty code!

The best-loved pet food brand, Burns Pet Nutrition, introduces an exciting new cat food range to suit even the fussiest of felines. Voted Britain’s favourite dog food for 2 years in a row, Burns now marks its scent on the cat food market with a recipe that hits the nail on the head.

Burns new cat food rangeIntroducing a new and improved dry food recipe for cats, suitable for all breeds and ages. Available in 4 tasty varieties; Adult Cat Chicken & Brown Rice, Turkey & Brown Rice, Sensitive Duck & Potato and Kitten Chicken & Rice. Developed by a vet, the full range provides the balance of nutrients that Burns is notorious for. All varieties are available in 300g and 1.5kg sizes. The new recipes contain extra protein for extra tastiness.

The new and improved range includes a delicious addition; Turkey & Brown Rice. This hypoallergenic diet is an ideal complete diet for any adult or senior cat. The tasty and healthy ingredients are highly digestible, making it suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs. Like all Burns recipes, Turkey & Brown Rice has only the highest quality ingredients crammed into each and every biscuit.

Burns kibbleThe added protein ensures that even the fussiest and busiest of cats will be satisfied and ready to go. The natural recipes are complete with all 11 essential amino acids, taurine for healthy eyes and heart, and are free of common allergens such as wheat, beef and dairy. Suitable for cats of all activity levels, Burns’ new and improved cat food is ideal for maintaining optimal health through every step of their lives.

Whilst all Burns recipes are gentle and hypoallergenic, Sensitive Cat Duck & Potato caters to extra-sensitive tummies. The recipe contains natural, novel ingredients that help avoid common food allergens. Made up of simple ingredients and is grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, this diet suited to cats with digestive issues.
Through this extra-special launch, Burns continues their original mission of prioritising pet health through a natural, wholesome and deliciously satisfying diet.

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*66 out of 76 cats considered to be “fussy” by their owners (86.7%), in a poll of 183 cats trialing Burns Cat Original Chicken.

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