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Meet Little One And Its Products For Small Mammals

What comes to your mind first, when you think of a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or any other small mammals? Cute. Curious. Characterful.

So is the Little One products.

Being a reflection of a small pet’s personality Little One knows for sure what is needed for the pets’ healthy, active and happy life full of adventures.

At the heart of the Little One product range is a careful approach towards the pets’ diet and a long-term connection with the “pet parents” and breeders. This allows Little One to offer an optimal assortment of more than 70 popular products: complete feeds, various snacks, treat – toys, natural treats, hay and care products – everything needed to maintain good health and also to encourage the pet’s cute personality, playful character and willingness to explore the world around them.

little one productsTailored Nutrition. Complete Feeds

Working closely with breeders Little One has developed specialized diets for every type of small mammal. The delicious complete feed range with 100% natural ingredients offers a well-balanced daily diet for: hamsters, mice, degus, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, rabbits and junior rabbits.

Each feed is enriched with a vitamin-mineral complex and as well as a natural prebiotic for good digestion and for better absorption of the minerals, which ensure a good condition of the teeth and bones. A special complex of zinc and biotin provides care for healthy skin and beautiful fur. Moreover, added yucca extract prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors.

little one productsLittle One “Green Valley” – a special range of grain free fiberfood, perfect for all kinds of herbivorous pets, including those with special dietary needs. This complete feed includes a variety of 60 meadow grasses, fruits and vegetables. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals, omega 3-6 fatty acids and natural prebiotics. Added yeast extract is rich in B vitamins, selenium and β-glucans and boosts the pet’s immune system. The feed is made by using a special cold pressing technology to preserve all vitamins & minerals contained in the plants.

Snack. Play. Enjoy!

Little One doesn’t just focus on feeding, it also pays attention to the playing, caring and entertaining needs of the pets. The wide range of snacks has everything to help making the pets’ life at home healthy, happy and full of adventures! Various treat-toys, snacks in jars, sticks with different flavours, yummy branches and natural treats are not only great entertainment but also a healthy and a very delicious addition to the daily diet.

Nature’s Best For The Little Ones

little one productsLittle One offers best natural hygiene and care solutions: hazelnut branches for grinding down teeth and the bathing sand provides a perfect gentle way of taking care of your pets’ fur. Wood chips a soft and comfortable bedding and hygienic litter for all types of small pets.

Naturally grown in eco-friendly areas Little One Mountain hay is carefully selected and dried to provide a high-quality feeding and bedding product for small mammals. The product range offers Mountain hay, Mountain hay with dandelion or with camomile – all rich in aromatic herbs and high in long fibers for dental health and proper digestion.

Little One is dedicated to providing only the best quality products – loved by pets and trusted by owners.

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