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Murphy & Bailey – Sustainable Sleeping

Dogs spend as much as half of their days asleep, cats even more  – they sleep as much as possible to conserve energy that is needed to hunt for their prey or pounce on their favourite toy, so why not let them enjoy a more sustainable way of sleeping.

sustainable sleepingThere is no such thing as too much sleep for either species, as they are biologically programmed to develop their own sleep schedule based on habit, age and environment. They also can be very adaptable to changes, but if your dog or cat sleeps for 14 / 15 hours a day, you can be guaranteed they need it. But why not encourage sustainable sleeping at the same time.

When spending all this time snoozing it’s important that our pets feel comfortable, secure and well rested after a sleep. One of the ways to ensure this is by finding the right bed and sleep space for your pet.

Having owned (and loved) both cats and dogs over the years we wanted beds that would be loved by all pets and their owners, so they needed to provide a snug, secure location, look good in any home, be a sound environmental choice for sustainable sleeping.

We already stocked some great beds from Project Blu made from recycled plastic ocean waste, but we wanted something even more luxurious. As we started our search for the perfect material to make our pet beds from we had no idea we would find the answer right on our own doorstep.

Genuine Irish sheepskin….

Sourced from the North-West of Ireland where the climate ensures the optimum moisture levels and lots of outdoor grazing – the sheepskin here is graded in the top 5% in the world. We teamed up with the Irish Woollen workshop in Sligo who, with over 32 years experience really know their sheepskin and meticulously hand check each individual piece for imperfections before final crafting.

Sheepskin is a recycled by-product of the meat industry. Why should something so useful and beautiful go to waste especially as it is a sustainable natural material that is 100% biodegradable and great for sleeping. Sheepskin is also immensely durable, designed to last for years, still look great when well cared for and provide a real return on investment.

Sheepskin is also renowned for promoting healthy sleep due to a combination of reasons.

The natural temperature regulating properties of wool, keeps your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so sheepskin is great for pets both young and old as its fibres breathe to act like a natural thermostat.

The lanolin in the wool acts as a natural moisturiser, it is kind to sensitive or inflamed skin, so many believe it can help with skin conditions and in keeping your pets coat glossy. Both the Lanolin (which is often used as key ingredient in flea / tick control sprays) and the breathability of the wool helps to deter bacterial growth and other irritants that thrive in warm, clammy environments.

Our beds are not only designed to look great, but will help your pets feel great too. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head/neck support whilst relieving muscle pain as scientists believe each wool hair or fibre, contains a three-dimensional spiralling crimp that acts like a miniature spring. By absorbing pressure without flattening out and distributing weight evenly over the body, sheepskin takes pressure off limbs to help relieve aches and pains.

Caring for sheepskin couldn’t be simpler. First port of call should always be to thoroughly shake the sheepskin out, followed by a good brush – use a sheepskin wool carding or a dog brush (we have a fabulous range of Bamboo Dog Grooming brushes that would serve both bed and dog) this should do the bulk of the cleaning and keep it looking pristine.

On the rare occasion your bed may need washed, brush well first, cool hand wash, followed by a gentle spin cycle. Leave leather side up in a cool, well-ventilated area – do not leave the hide in sunlight or dry them with a hairdryer / tumble dryer, this is damaging, I speak from experience!

So if you want to treat your pet to the perfect luxury gift, visit us

Murphy and Bailey have opened their first store 65 Belmont Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland.



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