e-NewsletterNAKEDDOG is famous for masterfully made raw dog food

NAKEDDOG is famous for masterfully made raw dog food

Our recipes are NATURALLY complete – meaning they contain everything your dog needs for a complete and balanced diet thanks to the ingredients we put in, not because of any artificial additives.

Our recipes contain between 85%-90% meat, green and root veggies, blueberries, kelp, salmon oil, and wheatgrass powder. Our founder Craig has perfectly curated each recipe to give your dog everything it needs for a happy, healthy life!

To make raw feeding as easy as possible, we use fully recyclable trays with lids. Just portion out what you need, pop the lid back on, and store the food fuss-free, mess-free, and safely in the fridge for up to four days!

For the days when raw feeding isn’t possible we have a range of delicious Cold Pressed food – it is gently baked at low temperatures so that it retains all of its nutrients, and so that it is very gentle on doggie tummies.

We also have a range of 100% air dried meaty treats. TITBITS are perfectly portioned for training treats (perfect for puppies, and doggies who could do with a reminder…!). STRIPPERS are delicious enrichment treats, and our TREATS WITH BENEFITS have added benefits for your dog.

So…come GET NAKED with us! Find us at www.nakeddog.co.uk or your local pet store.

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