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NAKEDDOG – quality diet for your dog

At NAKEDDOG, we are NAKEDLY honest about everything that goes into our food. We are also NAKEDLY honest about the realities of raw feeding.

Raw food provides an exceptional quality diet for your dog – our recipes contain human grade meat, and then fruit, veg, oils, and herbs and spices. Everything your dog needs to thrive. Of course, the meals are absolutely delicious too (watch out for drool…!).

Our ORIGINAL range is a complete and balanced meal, containing 85% meat, and available in 8 flavours. We also have a PUPPY range which contains added chicory root to support digestive development. It also contains 90% meat and has slightly higher fat levels to meet the demands of your puppy’s extra energy requirements. Our PURE range is single protein, and contains only meat, bone, and offal. Perfect if you want to curate your own dog’s diet – add The Answer to Pure meals to make it complete. And then finally our SUPERFOOD meals contain added ginger, turmeric, ground black pepper, and spirulina; all of which have anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for older or very active dogs.

We’ve sold you on the food, but now you’re thinking about the practicalities! We get that it is a different way of feeding, and so we do everything possible to make raw feeding as easy as possible.

Firstly, our tubs. They are the safest and easiest container for raw food. Simply portion out what you need for your dog that day, pop the lid back on the tub and it can go back in the fridge safely for up to four days. This means no cross contamination, no fussing with Tupperware, and no mess in your kitchen!
Next you’re probably thinking about storage space. Our tubs and lids mean that you can safely (and neatly!) keep the food in the fridge for up to four days (most other raw foods only say 24 hours). This means you can share the storage between your fridge and freezer.

For the days when raw feeding isn’t possible (like staying with the grand-pawrents), we have a range of delicious Cold Pressed food. Cold Pressed is gently baked at low temperatures so that it retains all of its nutrients, and so that it is very gentle on doggie tummies. It actually digests very similarly to raw food, so it is the perfect complement to a raw food diet.

Now, how to get your paws on NAKEDDOG: We’re available in good pet shops (ask them about our loyalty programme!), and you can easily subscribe to receive regular deliveries at our website



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