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Natural. Traceable. Norwegian. Brilliant

Scientifically proven, unique, single ingredient pet products with multiple benefits.

Western NorwayWe believe in Whole Fish Nutrition
Our 3 completely unique, delicious and highly nutritious human-grade quality products start their journey to your pet’s feeding bowl with the purest of raw materials, the Atlantic Salmon. It is here in Western Norway, with its beautifully naturally deep and cold water fjords; where freshwater salmon is harvested in its natural habitat, and this gives us a unique ability to produce deliciously fresh, all-natural products for your pet, like nothing else on the market today.

At our state-of-the-art production facility in Norway, we have patented a unique process which means all our pet products are not only human-grade quality, but that they have scientifically researched health benefits that will one day form the basis of tomorrow’s medicine.

Because our products are 100% single ingredients, with no additives, preservatives, or GMO’S, every product we produce can also be fully traced back to its source in Norway; just scan the QR code of the back of each tub or bottle!

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Dog with Brilliant Salmon OilBrilliant Salmon Oil Original
Our salmon oil is completely free of additives, antibiotics and GMOs. Unlike other products on the market, this pure, natural 100% Salmon Oil (not 99.5% with something added to preserve it). It contains a natural antioxidant, astaxanthin, for stability, and this gives our oil its beautiful orange colour. The oil also contains 21 different fatty acids, lipo-peptides and other nutrients that have anti-inflammatory benefits for joints and to improve cardiovascular health for your pet.

And of course it is delicious. Just a few drops of this oil on your pet’s food each day will leave them with a shiny coat, soft paws, increased energy and, of course an enhanced appetite!

Brilliant Calcium Collagen Powder
Our Calcium Collagen Bone & Joint Powder is a highly nutritious and completely unique superior quality calcium powder, which studies have shown absorbs 6x faster than regular calcium, to build and repair bones and teeth as well as strengthen your pet’s skeletal system. It contains 24% undenatured type II collagen, higher in purity than in many human supplements, and provides flexible joint support that will allow your pet to stay active and pain free for longer.Dog with Brilliant Calcium Collagen Powder

Salmon Protein Powder
The third product in the range is our great tasting salmon protein powder which pets will go wild for! leading to improved energy, vitality, gut health and digestion. A unique peptide containing 97% pure protein with less than 0.3% fat, this product will ensure your pet gets the highest quality protein source in their diet.

The unique hydrolyzed powder has anti-inflammatory and pro-metabolic effects and works to support a healthy digestive system, and our published studies have shown positive impacts on gut health and weight management. This powder will give your pet a boost of energy and vitality, improve their health and wellbeing, and of course make them crave for more. Just sprinkle the powders on top of, or mix into your pets food, and you are good to go!

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