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Natural. Traceable. Norwegian. Brilliant

3 completely unique, delicious and highly nutritious human-grade quality products that are perfect high quality supplementation to your pets diet, and have a range of scientifically proven benefits that are human-grade quality.

Just pump, sprinkle or mix these products into your pets food, and you are good to go. All products are 100% single ingredients, with no additives, preservatives, or GMO’S. Every product can be fully traced back to its source in the western Norwegian Fjords.

Brilliant Salmon Oil For Dogs & Cats | Brilliant Petcare

Hofseth BioCare | Hjemmeside

Brilliant Salmon Oil Original contains a natural antioxidant, astaxanthin, for stability, and this gives our oil its beautiful orange colour. Just a few drops of this oil on your pet’s food each day will leave them with a shiny coat, soft paws, and of course an enhanced appetite!

Brilliant Calcium Collagen Powder is a highly nutritious and completely unique superior quality calcium powder, which studies have shown absorbs 6x faster than regular calcium, and contains 24% undenatured type II collagen for flexible joint support
Salmon Protein Powder is a great tasting food topper which pets will go wild for, with benefits including leading to improved energy, vitality, gut health and digestion

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