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Nature’s Moor All-Natural Pet Supplement

Nature’s Moor is on a mission to improve the health of pets throughout the UK.

Our first product, our 100% organic, all-natural pet supplement is our first step. As pet owners throughout our lives, our team (both young and old) are dedicated to giving pet owners the choice of natural, sustainable products at a reasonable price.

Nature’s Moor All-Natural Pet SupplementFrom a rare and active moor, our dietary pet supplement is 100% peat and moor water that comprises trace minerals and vitamins such as selenium, magnesium and potassium (the full breakdown is available on request). It boosts the immune system, improves gut health, strengthens the joints, neutralises the ph in the liver and kidneys, has a calming effect, improves vitality, helps recovery from illness, eases skin conditions, stimulates a shiny, healthier coat, and reduces faeces eating.

It’s been used across Europe for years and has been many dog and cat owners’ secret weapon to keep their pets in great health. It can also be with other supplements and vet prescribed medication as there is absolutely nothing harmful in it. For older pets and those in ailing health, it can help to increase their energy and sense of well-being.

It’s brilliant for puppies and kittens over 10 weeks as it helps with their development and for pregnant animals, too.

Our product is completely unique due to the location of the moor we source our product from and its unique makeup. It’s bottled natural goodness!


It’s perfect for pets of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Learn more at:
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