CATSCat DrinksNew Isotonic Rehydration Drinks for Pets

New Isotonic Rehydration Drinks for Pets

Quick, reliable rehydration is important for your pets as temperatures begin to rise across the UK this summer, ensuring effective hydration and avoiding potential health issues. This is something the team behind the latest innovation in pet hydration are all too aware of, and they are delighted to introduce a new, refreshing, ready-to-drink isotonic beverage for pets, similar to sports drinks for people. Isotonic drinks quickly replace fluids lost through panting and sweating (through their paw pads) and supply a much-needed boost of electrolytes, carbohydrates and nutrients.

DoggyRade – much more than just water

Dog drinking DoggyRadeDoggyRade increases fluid intake, helping dogs rehydrate quickly after exercise, exposure to warmer weather and for older dogs to encourage them to drink more regularly. With the necessary electrolytes to help dogs rehydrate quickly, DoggyRade contains prebiotics helping to support gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Dogs love the chicken taste, in tests comparing fluid intake versus water, dogs drank four times more DoggyRade than water!

KittyRade – finally, the hydration your cat needs

Cat drinking kittyRade

Cats are fussy drinkers and can sometimes be reluctant to drink plain water. KittyRade, as an isotonic drink, encourages reliable hydration in cats. KittyRade’s aromatic chicken smell and delicious taste entices cats to drink. Containing prebiotics which help to support gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption, KittyRade includes glutamic acid, beneficial for intestinal function, and taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, which promotes eye and heart health.

YummyRade – improve your pet’s appetite and digestion

YummyRade is a low-calorie meal enhancer to improve the taste and palatability of pet food. Many gravy toppers are high calorie and fat based, but YummyRade is extremely low in calories and fat. It makes your pet’s food tastier, without worrying about weight gain or creating digestive issues and contains prebiotics to support gut health.

All the ready-to-drink solutions are low fat, low calorie, gluten and grain free, hypoallergenic and non-GMO. They are formulated by veterinarians, designed to increase fluid intake through a great chicken taste pets love!

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