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New Regina Pets – Keep The Outside Out

Regina pets for running, jumping, splashing, rolling. When your pets play outside, they’re in their element. Unfortunately, they’re also in the elements – and when your furry friend gets wet and muddy, they like to bring in half the outdoors with them.

Regina Pets is your NEW sustainable solution designed to keep the outside out. Perfect by the back door or in the boot of your car, grab a sheet and show mud who’s boss.regina pets dirty

Big sheets for all sizes

Its extra-large sheets are robust and ultra-absorbent to easily remove dirt, mud and moisture from head to tail. Grubby Great Dane? No problem.

regina pets dogSuper sensitive

Fully hypoallergenic, Regina Pets is safe on eyes, paws and skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive sweetheart.

Stay fresh

Enhanced with odour control technology, each paper towel keeps your furry friend smelling clean and fresh – and your home too.

Quick and easy to dispose of, why waste time cleaning up when you can be off enjoying the great outdoors together. With Regina Pets you’ll have everything you need to keep your home clean, your car spotless and your little rascal happy.

Available to buy now on Ocado & Amazon.

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