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Nic Bisseker – Front Cover Photographer

I am proud to be a multi-award winning outdoor dog photographer with both the Guild of Photographers and the Master Photography Association and hope that my images reflect my passion, expertise, patience, skill and of course love of animals.

My name is Nic and I’m known for my beautiful images that capture the true essence of your dog outdoors where it most loves to be. I am looking to capture an expression unique to your pet, a glance that tells you they’re your best friend in all the world and “that” pose that says a thousand words. I look for the detail, those bright eyes, ears up, that tilt of the head, the way they sit just so….

My shoots are an exciting, but poignant experience allowing me to stop time for a moment and create those memories that all dog owners deserve.

Nic Bisseker Photography winner

Whether you are looking for stunning portraits, fast-paced action shots, adorable puppy images or to capture those last few days with your poorly pet; I will create a bespoke session just for you. More than one dog is not a problem.

Combining my expertise as a portrait photographer, I always encourage owners to be in some of the shots. Capturing your relationship with man’s best friend I believe is only something that can be done by a true dog lover. The outcome is guaranteed to make your heart sing and when combined with my professional editing, ensures I create images that become wall art for years to come.

Nic Bisseker Photography Boxer dog

Think your dog would never be capable of a professional photoshoot? Think again! I work with dogs with all levels of training and predictability, and we still create such joyful images for owners. Does your dog have to remain on a lead? My high professional standard of photographic editing ensures you too can have images as “finished” as those on my website. These are not just the best of my work but the “norm” for my clients.

Pre-session you are fully equipped with everything you need to know for the day preparation wise and I work closely with you as owner to ensure I get the results for which I am known.

Nic Bisseker Photography birthday shoot

I am very pleased to say that Dog Photography Gift Vouchers can now be purchased direct from my website, and these may excellent presents for dog owners.

For further information please visit
Instagram: @nicbissekerphotography
Tel: 07879 840 171



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