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Pancreatitis and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)

In May 2016, Maxi, a young Boxer dog, reached a fork in the road.

After a series of recurrent digestive disturbances had left him markedly underweight, his vet diagnosed pancreatitis and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). He was only 18 months of age.

The conventional treatment for this largely relies on antibiotics to protect against infections during acute flare ups, and anti-inflammatory drugs (typically prednisolone) to keep the conditions under control long-term. This however, presented another problem. As useful as these drugs can be in helping a pet affected with these conditions, they come with side-effects which can cause problems of their own.

Antibiotics for example, can damage the gut microbiome. And because a beneficial bowel bacteria population plays a vital role in maintaining intestinal health, this risks making existing bowel disturbances worse. Steroids in addition to damping down inflammation, also suppress other functions of the immune system, such as tissue healing, and detecting and destroying cancerous cells. Weighing up these pros and cons, Maxi’s Mum decided to explore other options, to see if another approach might help.

After Maxi’s medical records were reviewed by Vince the Vet, it was agreed that the first step was to determine which core food would nourish Maxi, without triggering inflammation in the gut or worsen the pancreatitis. A specially formulated raw recipe was slowly introduced and everything else stopped. The option of a home-cooked diet was held in reserve but wasn’t needed, as Maxi quickly started to pass well-formed stools – a very encouraging sign.

Over the months that followed carefully selected natural supplements were slowly introduced, one by one, to aid digestion, nourish a healthy gut microbiome and support a strong, balanced immune system. Slowly but surely Maxi began to gain weight – much to his Mum’s delight! His body condition improved, eyes brightened, coat began to gleam and Maxi at last looked and behaved like a typical bouncy, full of fun Boxer boy!

pancreatitis maxi before
Maxi before (October 2016)
Maxi after the nutritional support.

In the 4 years since, there have been the inevitable flare ups of the pancreatitis and IBD with sloppy stools or sickness because Maxi will always have a sensitive stomach. And although he will always need to stay on a strict raw diet and the natural supplements that have changed his life, the nutritional care provided has been so successful, medication has only been required on the odd occasion, rather than being needed all the time.

Choosing A Supplement For Pancreatitis And IBD

‘Supplement’ is a catch all word which simply means something added. In the case of nutritional supplements, it applies to any product introduced to the diet, usually with the intention of providing extra nutrients, and a better quality life. Given the huge choice available however, what is the best way to ensure your pet benefits the most?

Firstly, if a dog or cat has a recurrent or persistent health problem of any kind, it is important that a vet diagnoses the underlying cause first, before any natural supplements are given, to ensure the most effective care can be provided.

Secondly, choose a supplement which is made only from highly nutritious, human food grade quality, natural ingredients, unaccompanied by chemicals, fillers or other additives.

Thirdly, be sure it is produced and supplied in accordance with all current legislation, by a trusted source.

Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, check out the testimonials of other pet carers. If the nutritional support provided by a product really works, this is soon evident – no ifs or buts – which is why we are 100% focused on RESULTS.

Dr Vince MacNally BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS is a veterinary surgeon with more than 35 years clinical expertise. He has successfully helped many thousands of pets, using the power of nutrients supplied by Nature to transform health. This led to the development of a unique range of Vince the Vet, Veterinary Formula Supplements, Remedies and Raw food, to provide dogs and cats with truly life-changing nutritional care.

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