As pet lovers ourselves, we endeavoured to create a device that not only keeps pets happy, healthy and safe, but also give owners peace of mind when they need it most.The Pawfit 2 is a smart pet location and activity tracking system that allows you to know they’re safe at all times by using real-time GPS and light and sound tracking. You can locate your pet quickly – useful if they’re prone to chasing after squirrels! You can also keep your pet fit and healthy by setting realistic goals based on accurate monitoring by tracking everything from active hours and calories burned, to distance covered and rest hours. Alongside the GPS and activity tracking, you have other great features such as the Virtual Fence, which alerts you if your pet has left the parameter, Temperature Alert in case they’re in an environment that is too hot and removal alert too! We even have remote voice commands that can be played through the device. It’s even waterproof.

Pawfit have recently released the ultimate dog walking experience for you and your furry friend, called the Pawfit Walk. It allows you or your dog walker, to track your pets’ movements on a walk:

  • You can start and stop walks at specific times
  • Mark where your dog does their doggy “business”
  • Where they stop to eat and drink
  • Associate tracked walks with activity data
  • Take photos and videos whilst on the walk and upload them to the app
  • Share you walks with friends, other Pawfit users and customers LIVE

If you’re a dog walker, you can even manage customer contacts so everything you need is in one easily accessible place.

Ideal for everything from walkies to sitting on the sofa, Pawfit is the perfect way to keep your pet healthy, happy and safe.

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