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Most of us are aware that what we eat has an impact on nature and the world around us, and there are growing calls to change what we’re eating.

The meat and livestock industry has a colossal ecological impact, with rampant deforestation due to land requirements, excessive water usage, and the production of ammonia, methane, and carbon from the animals themselves. According to the UN, the meat industry alone generates 18% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

However, what you may not be aware of is the impact your pets are having. Dogs and cats are responsible for eating 20% of all the world’s meat and fish. As the meat used in pet foods comes via the human meat industry, feeding our furry friends is adding to the pressure on the sector and – subsequently – on our planet.

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Whilst plant-based human foods are becoming ever-more popular, plant-based pet foods remain a niche market. Misconceptions about what our pets can eat and thrive on are perhaps a contributing factor to this. Although cats are obligate carnivores and do need meat, dogs are in fact omnivores, just like us, and can live more than happily on plant-based diets.

Whilst dogs can thrive on plant-based diets, we know that for some owners, this is a big step. Nonetheless, we also know that there are many pet parents out there who are looking to reduce not just their own environmental impact, but the impact of their pets, without depriving them of crucial nutrients.

Percuro Pet food

That’s why we created Percuro, our revolutionary, next-generation alternative to traditional meat-based dog foods. Percuro is made from novel clean insect protein, responsibly sourced from the larvae of Hermetia illucens, or the Black Soldier Fly, with a fraction of the environmental impact of meat-based foods. By foregoing traditional livestock sourced proteins, we have dramatically minimised the environmental burden, without sacrificing the nutritional value and taste of our recipes.

Do with flowersAlthough not entirely vegan, insect-based foods are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their cleaner and more ethical methods. Unlike cows, which have a natural lifespan of up to 22 years, the Black Soldier Fly lives for just 45 days, and it is far easier and less logistically demanding to provide everything the larvae need to thrive.

Insect protein comes with many inherent benefits to your dog. It’s clean, hypoallergenic, protein-packed, and with great oversight in feeding methods, it’s highly controlled what the insects eat, vastly minimising the risk of disease transmission.

We combine this novel protein source with only plant-based ingredients. We use olive and algae oil, which provides omega 3 essential fatty acids to help reduce skin inflammation, and omega 6 to support a shiny coat. Our nutritionally balanced recipe is packed full of vitamins and minerals, to create a food that is nutritious and delicious: better for your dog, and for nature. Percuro is an ideal alternative to meat-based options for eco-conscious dog owners, and a true pet food revolution.

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