Percuro pet food

Do you know the impact the pet food industry has on the environment? Cats and dogs alone eat 20% of all meat and fish, and as the pet population continues to grow, so too does its burden on our planet.

Percuro is a revolution in sustainable, healthy dog food. A next-generation blend of novel, alternative proteins and a nutritionally complete, delicious dry kibble recipe, Percuro is taking the pet food industry by storm.

We call Percuro a revolution because it’s a delicious, nutritious but most importantly sustainable alternative to traditional meat-based pet foods. The majority of the protein in Percuro comes from innovative clean insects, the Hermetia illucens fly larvae, and not from traditional livestock ingredients.

Do with flowersInsect protein is an amazing replacement for chicken, beef, and other environmentally costly protein sources. Creating 1kg of clean insect protein requires a fraction of the land and water needed for traditional farming, and generates 1% of the carbon emissions (relative to livestock farming emissions). Best of all, insect protein is naturally hypoallergenic and free from hidden nasties.

Percuro was born from a passion to create dog food that’s not only better for dogs but better for nature. We’re striving to drive real change, improving the lives of dogs, and owners like it too!

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