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Pet Drugs Online – Better value so you can give the best care

Tick one more thing off this summer.

The sun’s out, we’re suddenly allowed to travel further than the front garden…there’s only one thing on our mind and it’s probably not getting on top of flea and tick treatments. Luckily, Pet Drugs Online has everything you need to keep your pet – and your home – covered.

We stock all of the major brands so keeping free of parasites is simple. That’s no small thing when the average female tick lays up to 3,000 eggs and you’ll only ever find around 5% of a flea infestation actually on your pet!

We’ve got all kinds of treatments from collars to spot-ons and sprays so there’s something for everyone, simply head to the site and choose what works for you. You’ll also find lots of support and real vet recommendations if you’re not sure what will work best.

Pet Drugs Online supplies everything the vet sells, when you need it, delivered to your door and with savings of up to 76%.

Rules & Red Tape

Just like your vets, good online pharmacies are checked and regulated both by vets and the Government agency DEFRA. The RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and VMD (Veterinary Medical Directorate) are bodies that oversee all our activities, to make sure we store and sell products properly. And we do. Because since 2005, when we were founded by pet owners for pet owners, we know that when it comes to pet healthcare there’s no room for error. It has to be right first time, every time.

Better value so you can give the best care

Pets are the focal point in all our lives and we would all do anything, pay anything, to keep them well or help them recover from a disease or an accident. But the costs can mount up fast. In 2020 we estimated that the annual cost of owning a dog was around £2,100! That’s for food, flea treatments, wormers, a few supplements, a course of medicines, insurance, 2 vet visits, vaccinations and a few toys. Buying the food, flea treatments, wormers, a few supplements, a course of medicines from us could cut £800 off that bill every year. For cats we reckon we could trim the annual £1,800 bill by £630.

And that’s so you can buy exactly the same brands and products, bought from the same manufacturers, all checked by the same authorities. We can’t cut the cost of the vet visits or vaccinations – these are important and they’re the experts – but it’s those extra costs we can help you control, that’s a 45% saving for an average cat or dog. And no cat or dog is average.

Simple solutions

Shopping us with is simple. For some medicines there are a few more steps – but these are both legal and practical – to ensure your pet gets precisely what the vet prescribed. You’ll only have to answer any question once, then we’ll safely store this information to make your next order even easier.

For everything else, we’re just like any other online store. Search, add what you need in your basket, choose where it is to be delivered and pay! And if your pet’s meds are particularly pricey, you don’t even have to buy them all in one go, you can just order whenever their supplies start to look a little empty.

If you need help or aren’t sure of something, give us a call and you’ll find we’re a friendly bunch of pet owners just like you. And don’t just take our word for it, we’ve had over 93,000 Feefo reviews and a rating of 4.9/5 too!

Vetting better

There will always still be trips to the real-world vets for check-ups and ops, but for everything else vet-care has moved online. Your pet’s a millennial, born in the digital age, so why not go digital to keep them (and your wallet) looking healthy.

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