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At Pets Corner, we know that a happy, healthy pet makes a happy pet-owner and the Pets Corner Difference is a promise to deliver the best service possible through good nutrition, excellent quality and expert advice. Everything we do is underpinned by our ethical values – and animal welfare is our top priority.

At Pets Corner we take great pride in the pet food that we stock, because we believe your pet deserves the best. Remember that healthy food doesn’t have to come with a high-value price tag. We’ve become known as the home of great value natural pet foods, stocking some of the highest-scoring products listed on the comparison website Pet Food Expert.

A History of Happy Pets

Ever since our first store opened in 1968, we’ve promoted the importance of good nutrition to pets’ wellbeing. Today, with 149 branches across the UK, our commitment to healthy feeding remains at the heart of our business.

Poor diet can be at the root of so many pet health problems, from bloating or lethargy to itchy skin or a dull coat. When you visit a Pets Corner store, our trained staff are only too happy to chat through the issues and share their expertise. We’ll explain that the better quality the ingredient, the more digestible it will be.

When choosing dog food, for example, it’s important to look for named meats and carbohydrate sources in the ingredients, avoiding general or vague descriptions: a food that contains ‘cereals’ instead of the more specific ‘barley’ is likely to include low grade plant matter which many dogs find difficult to digest.

Open and Honest

Pets CornerYears ago, we recognised that the industry needed to pay closer attention to what was going into pet foods, with greater transparency when it came to ingredients. We felt pet nutrition needed to change, so we’ve spent years removing unhealthy products from our shelves. We only promote foods that are wholesome, natural and give pets everything they need for a long, healthy life. So, you can shop with us, confident in the knowledge that we have thoroughly researched our products to ensure that they are completely free from artificial ingredients and don’t contain any hidden nasties.

Talk to the Pet Experts

Pets Corner toysWe’re the only pet retailer in the UK to train all our staff, in our own Pet Academies, so they really know what they’re talking about. We sell the vast majority of our products instore, rather than online, because we know you value speaking directly to us. The impact of providing your much-loved pet with the right amount of healthy food and exercise can’t be overstated. We all want to do the best by our pets and that often begins with getting the right advice.

Why not pop into your local store and discover the Pets Corner Difference for yourself? We look forward to meeting you and your pets!

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