CATSCat FlapsPetSafe Pet Doors: Freedom for Pets

PetSafe Pet Doors: Freedom for Pets

Cats and dogs love going outside to explore the big wide world. As roaming animals, they appreciate a stimulating environment where they can practice natural behaviours like scratching, hunting and spraying that may not go down too well with their owners indoors!

While it’s great to let our pets roam outside, most of us also want control over our home and to keep out other unwanted animals. We also want quality doors that are simple to install. That’s where global pet product expert, PetSafe Brand comes in, offering a range of cat and dog doors with slick, simple designs that give your pets the freedom they deserve while at the same time, providing you with peace of mind.

PetSafe Pet Doors

petsafe pet doorsPetSafe Brand pet doors are designed for cats and dogs of all sizes and are easy to fit into doors, walls or windows of any material. They also conveniently come in a range of manual and automatic options.

One of the most recent additions to its popular pet door range is the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap. Easy to install, the door gives cats easy access to the outside world while keeping out unwanted visitors and works by reading a cat’s unique microchip ID, so it doesn’t require an additional collar or accessory. Suitable for cats up to 8 kg, it can be easily programmed for up to 40 microchipped cats, making it ideal for both single and multi-cat homes.

Another popular cat door in the PetSafe Brand range is the Extreme Weather Pet Door. The perfect option for extreme hot or cold climates, it boasts maximum energy efficiency that is 3-1/2 times higher than other standard single-flap doors in the range. Ideal for both for cats and dogs, the 3-flap system protects homes from the elements while giving your pet the freedom to come and go.

petsafe pet doorsAs well as the doors themselves, PetSafe Brand also offers accessories to ensure a good fit wherever in the home its doors are installed. For instance, the Installation Adaptor helps make fitting the Microchip Cat Flap into walls, glass and metal doors even quicker and easier, ensuring perfect installation first time and a precise, flush fit.

Other useful PetSafe Brand door accessories are its range of Tunnel Extensions. These allow pet doors to be installed into doors or walls of any thickness. One or more Tunnels can be added, and they can be secured in place with glue – no tools needed!

Whatever PetSafe Brand pet door you choose, you can rest assured you will receive the highest levels of customer support as the company offers a freephone number for any set-up, technical, or installation questions. As well as this, all doors come with a three year warranty.

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