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PLATINUM MeatCrisp Dry Cat Food

MeatCrisp is a novel cat food whose special features are a result of preparation with a Freshmeatdryer.

This process makes it possible to prepare a complete dry cat food from fresh meat, preserving its natural nutrients. As a result, MeatCrisp replaces cats‘ hunting prey better than most commercial cat foods and makes your cat healthier.

Delicious even without attractants
The Freshmeatdryer crisps fresh meat with other ingredients essential to cat health at a low temperature and circulating air. For this reason, the natural taste of fresh meat is preserved by the Freshmeatdryer and therefore MeatCrisp is super delicious for your cat, even without attractants.

MeatCrisp is prepared from fresh meat only
MeatCrisp is prepared without meat meal or animal meal. Compared to fresh meat, meat meal and animal meal, as well as vegetable protein sources, have lower protein digestibility, biological value and nutrient content.

The Outstanding features of MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer:

  • 83 % fresh meat (no meat meal or animal meal)
  • natural ingredients
  • without attractants
  • without cereals containing gluten
  • nutritious and easy to digest
  • taurine optimised

For more information, please visit the website www.platinum.co.uk



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