Pet Advice ServicesIDC® Powair: Perfect Control Even In The Hottest Weather

IDC® Powair: Perfect Control Even In The Hottest Weather

Hot summer days don’t just wear people down, but dogs too. However, JULIUS-K9®’s latest novelty has been designed exactly for these kinds of days.

Thanks to its special material, the IDC® Powair ventilates extremely well, what’s more, it’s lightweight and can also be used as a cooling harness when water is poured over it.

Due to climate change and summers getting warmer, the protection of dogs’ health in these periods is now becoming something we need to pay special attention to. During heatwaves, the most important thing is to prevent the dog from overheating, as heat strokes can easily be fatal. This is especially relevant for short-nosed (brachycephal) breeds (e.g., French bulldogs, pugs, boxers), which, because of their anatomy, are at increased risk in this regard.

powair cityBy scheduling walks for cooler morning and evening hours, you can spare your dog from the greatest heat, and pouring a little water over her fur can also help a lot. For certain dog breeds, fur thinning, or trimming may be a good idea, although this depends largely on the type of fur, as the structure of a dog’s fur may change after cutting it with a machine. However, the comfort of your dog can be greatly improved by the use of proper equipment, such as a well-ventilating, cooling, harness.

IDC® Powair: Designed for the summer heat

powair wetThe latest development of JULIUS-K9®, which has a decades-long history in the production of dog harnesses, is the IDC® Powair summer harness. This harness is the summer version of the world-famous IDC® Powerharness, which provides effective control in urban environments while also being suitable for cooling down your dog when you pour a little water over it.

The IDC® Powair is made of special European-made OEKO-TEX® materials. Thanks to its special 3D textile layers, it is extremely light and has very high breathability. The lining of the harness is skin-friendly, while the inside has an ultra-light waterproof padding. This padding enhances the cooling function as it retains moisture when the harness is watered down. The Powair can thus also be used as a cooling harness. However, when taken off the dog, it dries extremely quickly.

Safety under all circumstances

powair near seaThe IDC® Powair resembles the Powerharness in its shape and other features. The harness chest strap is parallel to the hand-held leash, allowing it to transmit force from the owner as efficiently as possible. This makes it easier to hold back or stop the dog. The wide chest strap and the attachable chest padding comfortably distribute the forces acting on the dog. With its strong grip, the dog can be stopped immediately at any time and can also be helped to get out of the car or on to stairs. It evokes a strong summer vibe with its cheerful colors and can be customized in one go with custom patches, in typical JULIUS-K9® harness fashion. You can purchase leashes and face masks that match the colour and material of your harness in our webshop.

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