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ProDog Raw – Food To Help Your Four-Legged Friend Thrive

As a dog owner, are you feeding the kind of food that truly helps your four-legged friend thrive?

Over the last 80 years, myths and misconceptions about dog food have impacted the feeding habits of dog owners. The type of food the canine digestive system is designed to process, which truly delivers all of the essential nutrients and minerals a dog needs to thrive and be healthy and happy, has been somewhat lost amongst clever marketing tactics, and a focus on profits and convenience.

ProDog Raw four-legged friend thriveProDog Raw, is a canine nutrition company specialising in providing natural, species-specific, balanced food and support supplements for working dogs. More than just producing superior quality, fresh meals for dogs, they’ve made it their mission to help owners understand the facts about what makes good quality dog food.

ProDog set out four years ago to shake things up in the dog food world, and they’re certainly doing what they set out to by crafting raw food recipes and bespoke supplements, using premium organic ingredients that a dog digestive system needs to function at its optimum. Each meal contains the full spectrum of nutrients vital to improve health, performance, vitality and appearance. And they do all of this whilst making their products as convenient and affordable as those well-known processed “pet food” brands.

thrive little puppyThey’ve also made it their focus to help dog owners understand the science behind what makes a great dogs dinner and navigate the transition from commercial pet food to natural, raw feeding. Launch of their RAWbellion and Ditch The Dry campaigns this year brought with them a wealth of informative articles and videos from the UK’s leading canine experts. Their commitment to supporting the dog-owning community in making a choice for the well-being of their faithful companions is impressive.

Numerous long term studies over the last decade have brought to light the rise in chronic disease amongst dogs, suggesting parallels with the increase of low-grade, highly refined, synthetic pet feeds as a large contributing factor. The term “Fit as a butchers dog” is a saying that epitomises the drive towards species appropriate, healthier food choices for our canine population.

“Dogs are anatomically designed to eat meat, organs, bones and a little vegetation. Butchers’ dogs lived on scraps of exactly that. In today’s world, the intensively processed, poor quality offerings many dogs live on are far removed from this. Dogs are adaptive and will survive on what they’re fed, but there’s a world of difference between being able to thrive and to survive” [Heidi Maskelyne ProDog CEO]

Following the loss of her dogs to cancer, ProDog founder and CEO, Heidi Maskelyne, discovered that the dry dog food, marketed as ‘premium quality’, she’d invested in may have been a significant contributing factor to her dogs becoming ill. Joining forces with expert working dog trainer, Jay Blackburn, they took action to make a change, and ProDog Raw was born.

Mindful of the inaccurate messages about raw feeding prevalent in today’s society, ProDog invest heavily in supporting dog owners to make the shift to raw feeding. Whether a customer or not, offering 1-1 advice to answer questions, and provide help and assistance, is a bench mark of their commitment to excellent customer service.

big dog thriveThe foundational principle “One Product, Two Customers” articulates their approach, acknowledging the importance of both two and four-legged consumers to help everyone involved thrive. For the ProDog team, a commitment to a dog’s health and happiness is always at the forefront of everything they do. Shortlisted for the Lloyd’s bank customer experience award within the prestigious SME business of the year awards 2020, this customer focus ethos has certainly been recognised and marks them as one to watch in the world of leading, cutting edge dog nutrition.

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