CATSCat HealthcareProtect your pets and your family from fleas and ticks

Protect your pets and your family from fleas and ticks

Pets pick up fleas and ticks from contact with other animals and the environment – the park, the street, the garden.

This means that even the cleanest dog or cat – and the cleanest home – can harbour fleas and ticks. Their bites cause discomfort and can spread diseases such as Bartonella, which causes symptoms including lethargy and depression.

Some dogs and cats become allergic to flea saliva and develop a condition called Flea Allergy Dermatitis characterised by severe itching, pain and often secondary infection. In puppies and kittens, heavy flea infestations can cause severe blood loss and anaemia which can be life- threatening. As if this wasn’t enough, fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pets – and to your family!

fleas and ticks

Ticks lurk in the long grass waiting to leap onto your pet for a feed. They can transmit infections such as Lyme Disease which can cause mild to severe arthritis in dogs, breathing difficulties in cats and can affect the nervous system in humans. Lice infestation can lead to anaemia, irritation, mild to severe dermatitis and generally causes poor health in both pets and humans too.

You can protect your pets – and your family – from these horrible parasites with FleaScreen Combo.

Used regularly, FleaScreen Combo is a highly effective, easy-to-use and affordable spot-on. Once applied to your pet, its proven, reliable ingredients are distributed through the natural oils on your pet’s skin and quickly get to work killing adult fleas. Importantly, FleaScreen Combo also helps to break the flea’s life-cycle by stopping their eggs from hatching and larvae developing in your home. In addition, it provides protection against ticks and lice.

FleaScreen Combo is proud to support the work of the PDSA in treating sick and injured animals and is available to buy online and from selected PDSA shops.

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