e-Newsletterprotected against fleas and ticks with SerestoTM

protected against fleas and ticks with SerestoTM

It is important to make sure that your pet is protected against fleas and ticks all year round.

Did you know that fleas in particular can thrive during the autumn and winter? Double glazing, carpeted floors and central heating create the perfect warm environment within our homes for fleas to survive and feed on your pet.

The good news is easy-to-use, long-lasting protection has landed!

Seresto Flea and Tick Control collar is clinically proven to provide the longest lasting protection available in a single application. Thanks to its unique mode of action, Seresto stores the active ingredients within the collar itself, slowly releasing low concentrations across your pets’ skin and coat, killing fleas and repelling and killing ticks for 7-8 months.

With Seresto, there’s no mess, no grease and no smell. Plus, it features a specially designed safety release mechanism to give you peace of mind, perfect for exploring pets!

So, say goodbye to the need for monthly flea and tick applications and say hello to easy, long-lasting treatment with Seresto! Applying a Seresto today will provide your pet with protection all the way through to February!

Available from your vet, instore or online from official retailers. Find out more at seresto.co.uk



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