CATSCat HealthcareProtecting Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks All Year Round

Protecting Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks All Year Round

Pets have stolen a place in our hearts and our homes. No longer simply a ‘companion animal’, our cats and dogs play a major role in family life, acting as best friend, playmate and exercise buddy.

But if you don’t protect them from parasites, your little family unit could be rudely interrupted by an infestation of unwanted visitors, putting your pet and your family’s health at risk.

That’s because if your dog or cat is unprotected when they go out exploring, they could easily become a tasty blood meal for fleas and ticks. Not only can these parasites be an irritating nuisance, they can also transmit serious diseases, such as Lyme disease via ticks, putting playtime on pause.

Dog with Tick

Fleas can act as the carrier of a common tapeworm species. This parasite can cause gastrointestinal problems if a dog or cat accidentally ingests a flea during grooming. Some pets can also experience allergic reactions to flea bites known as flea allergy dermatitis.

It is important to make sure that your pet is protected against these parasites all year round. Fleas and ticks can continue to infest our pets during the colder months.

FleaFleas in particular can thrive during the autumn and winter. Whilst this time of year is not typically viewed as the main flea season, double glazing, carpeted floors and central heating create the perfect warm environment within our homes for fleas to survive. These parasites are then able to reproduce and will continue to infest your pet to feed.

Flea pupae in particular can lay dormant in carpets and soft furnishings for over 6 months and can hatch out once the heating has been switched on.
Treating a flea infestation within the home can be a costly and stressful process that can often last for months. It is essential that we stop these visitors in their tracks before they have the opportunity to move in.

The good news is easy-to-use, long-lasting protection has landed!

Seresto Flea and Tick Control collar is clinically proven to provide the longest lasting protection available in a single application.

Thanks to its unique mode of action, Seresto stores the active ingredients within the collar itself, slowly releasing low concentrations across your pets’ skin and coat as it’s needed, killing fleas and repelling and killing ticks for 7-8 months.

Unlike some other products, which only work after your cat or dog has been bitten, Seresto can fight off these parasites before they have a chance to bite your pet*, helping to reduce the risk of canine vector borne diseases.

With Seresto, there’s no mess, no grease and no smell and no need to remember monthly flea and tick treatments. Plus, it features a specially designed safety release mechanism to give you peace of mind, perfect for exploring pets!

So, say goodbye to the need for monthly flea and tick applications and say hello to easy, long-lasting treatment with Seresto! The collar allows you to protect your pet all year round without the hassle of applying regular treatments.

Applying a Seresto today will provide your pet with protection all the way through to May!

Available from your vet, instore or online from official retailers. Find out more at

*Mehlhorn et al. Parasitol Res (2001) 87:198-207, information is regarding mode of action and is not intended to relate to speed of kill or to imply parasites can be completely stopped from biting. An attachment of single ticks after treatment cannot be excluded; for this reason, a transmission of infectious diseases cannot be completely excluded if conditions are unfavourable.

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