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Raw Feeding For Dogs: Myths vs Fact

Benyfit Natural manufacture and sell premium quality raw food for dogs. The company started after a conversation around a kitchen table, about how great it would be if we could feed our dogs the same quality food that we eat ourselves.

That conversation resulted in a raw dog food business that now has a range of more than 20 raw food recipes as well as an extensive range of bones and treats for raw feeding. All ingredients are sustainably sourced in the UK, all the meat used is human-grade and every recipe is balanced for ultimate nutritional value and benefit.

Why doesn’t every dog eat raw food?

We know first-hand how a high quality raw dog food diet can improve every dog’s health. We have consulted vets and nutritionists to make sure every Benyfit Natural recipe delivers health and wellness benefits. Every meal is nutritionally balanced and can result in healthy skin and a shiny coat, allow cleaner teeth and gums as well as improved digestion (and therefore poo).

Exploding the raw dog food myths

We get asked lots of questions about raw feeding so have compiled a list of some of the most common raw feeding myths.

1. Bacteria

Because raw dog food contains uncooked meat, there can be a concern that it will also contain bacteria, specifically salmonella. There are bacteria in raw meat but as long as your dog is in good health, it won’t pose a problem. Dogs’ digestive systems are designed to prevent salmonella and the like from upsetting the healthy balance of intestinal flora. Their highly acidic stomachs and natural digestive enzymes and bile help them process salmonella and other bacteria without becoming ill. It goes without saying that any raw meat, dog food or other, needs to be handled in a safe and hygienic way to avoid any cross-contamination with kitchen surfaces.

raw feeding

2. Balance

Dried and processed food often has a great long list of ingredients and we’ve come to believe that our dogs need all of these. What dogs actually need to eat is a mix of protein in its natural state, with bone, essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals to keep them in optimum health. Definitely no cereals, grains or fillers. Raw dog food, such as that which Benyfit Natural offer, is perfectly nutritionally balanced to meet all your dog’s dietary requirements and more.

3. Bother

Everyone has enough to do without preparing separate meals from scratch for dogs. Sourcing the proteins (including tripe), adding the right amount of vitamins, storing it all safely… That’s where Benyfit Natural comes in! Delivered to your door in freezer-friendly packaging so all you need do is thaw as much as is needed for each meal. No fuss or bother whatsoever and a guarantee that your dog is receiving a wholesome and perfectly balanced diet.

4. Budget

Many people think raw feeding is too expensive. But for about the same cost as a cup of coffee, you can provide your beloved dog with a premium and nutritionally beneficial diet. Think of the long term savings as well: fewer vet bills, thanks to improved health and cleaner teeth.

5. Bones

Surely you shouldn’t give bones to your dogs. Can’t they be dangerous? Cooked bones can be very dangerous and should never be given to dogs. And bones that are either too big or too small can be similar harmful. But raw bone is an amazing nutritional source as well as aiding with teeth cleaning and gum health. Benyfit Natural contains small pieces of bone for this reason.

For more information about raw dog food and to find out how Benyfit Natural could improve your dog’s health, please visit or phone us on 01892 770188.


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