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Emmi Ultrasonic Pet Toothbrush for Dogs

emmi ultrasonic presents the ultrasonic pet toothbrush emmi®-pet. The toothbrush with “smart head” makes it easier to brush teeth and ensures the best possible cleaning of dogs and cats teeth.

The ultrasonic waves of the emmi ultrasonic pet toothbrush penetrate into the smallest spaces and clean effectively and sustainably without mechanical pressure. The patented ultrasound technology works without a motor, without rotating movements or beeps, making brushing a lot more relaxed and stress-free for beloved pets.

emmi ultrasonic pet toothbrushThe emmi®-dent ultrasound technology has been proved to be very efficient in people’s teeth cleaning for years. These positive characteristics, especially adapted to the needs of animals, were the focus of the development of emmi®-pet. The worldwide patented “Piezo-Chip” in the brush head generates the ultrasound and directs it directly into the ultrasonic tooth cream with up to 96 million air vibrations per Minute. Micro bubbles form and clean without brushing, thoroughly the teeth and protect the gums. The result is tactile smooth teeth. Biofilm will be removed and the mouth area remains fresh longer after cleaning. The effective “non-brushing” elimination of Plaque and impurities is especially ideal for animals.

For Happy and Healthy Animals

Regular teeth cleaning with the emmi®-pet ultrasound toothbrush can improve the oral health of the animal. Tooth cleaning is completely vibration and noise-free. The 100% ultrasound penetrates deep into the gums and helps remove bacteria and germs as well as to clean effectively. It can increase blood circulation in the gums, activate healing processes and thus help to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis, tartar formation, mouth odor and tooth loss. Plaque and inflammation can’t arise in the first place. The emmi®-pet works with up to max. 96 million vibrations per minute, without motor, vibration and noise. This has a very positive effect on the animals and contributes to a much higher acceptance of the cleaning procedure. The use of emmi®-pet is appreciated and recommended by more and more animal owners and veterinarians and removes the biofilm from the teeth.

emmi pet toothbrush

That’s why Healthy Teeth are Important for Animals too

Regular dental care should be as natural for dogs and cats as for people. The emmi®-pet can prevent periodontitis, chronic oral cavity diseases and mouth odor and works together, with the emmi®-pet ZA Ultrasonic Toothpaste for Animals, against tartar formation and gingival inflammation by removing the biofilm with ultrasound waves. This has been specially developed for use in animals and is the ideal supplement for good animal hygiene. In addition, pet owners can also counter the corresponding tooth problems via the diet.

In addition to the regular cleaning of animal teeth with emmi®-pet, the following points support a healthy dental hygiene of the pet using the correct toothpaste, like Beaphar toothpaste:

emmi pet toothbrush

• A high quality dry food
• Drinking fresh water
• Special food with tartar prophylaxis
• Various chews
• Regular dental checkup at the vet

The following must be avoided:

• Too many and too calorie-rich treats
Trendy wet food
• Cat and dog foods with sugar and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
• Animal bones (risk of injury)

Gingivitis is a common dog disease

emmi pet toothbrush stuffed toyMany dogs suffer from gingivitis during their lifetime. These are often caused by a lack of oral hygiene and dental plaque. Also objects can cause a corresponding inflammation. If the animal likes to chew on stones, sticks and other sharp objects, the risk of injuring the gums is high. The emmi®-pet has a significant advantage for inflamed or sensitive gums. It cleans pain free, gently and thoroughly without brushing, with 100% original ultrasound. The blood circulation of the tissue in the gums is also stimulated and releases the body’s own energies.

Certified by the Austrian Animal Welfare Council

The emmi®-pet has been certified as an animal welfare-related product by the Austrian Agency for animal welfare (FTT).

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