CATSCat DrinksReliable Hydration with Healthy and Functional Benefits

Reliable Hydration with Healthy and Functional Benefits

Reliable hydration is vital for your pet’s health and water is the main component of healthy, living cells in the body. Like cats, dogs dislike the taste of chlorine in water and tend to drink as a necessity when thirsty.

Water is the single most important nutrient for humans and dogs alike. However, water alone does not contain the prebiotics, electrolytes and amino acids that help pets be their best!

DoggyRade – much more than just water

    DoggyRade pet drinkDoggyRade is a healthy, hydrating isotonic drink that supports good intestinal health in dogs. It contains natural prebiotics, electrolytes and amino acids. The prebiotics in DoggyRade support good gut health, improve digestion and help nutrient absorption. They can also help prime the gut to help them fight off acute illnesses.
    It is essential for dogs to stay hydrated. Dogs release heat from their body differently to us and can only sweat a small amount from their nose and paw pads. The main way that dogs lose body heat to cool down is through panting, which results in a lot of water loss through evaporation. They also lose fluids and electrolytes through exercise. If they lose too much fluid, it can lead to dehydration. Puppies, in particular, are more prone to dehydration.
    Keeping pets hydrated is crucial for many reasons: it regulates body temperature, keeps their joints lubricated, prevents infections, delivers nutrients to cells and keeps organs functioning properly. Similar to humans, our animals require supplemental electrolytes following exercise and exertion. DoggyRade’s isotonic format, means it contains similar concentrations of salt and sugar as those found in your pet’s body. Our pets, like us, have their own characteristics and preferences which is why we specifically formulate our products for those with selective taste and appetite. We deliver these healthy treats in a flavour profile dogs love. In palatability trials, dogs drank FOUR times more DoggyRade than water!
    DoggyRade isotonic drinks contain four different electrolytes which all serve particular purposes:

    • Sodium chloride for fluid balance
    • Potassium for muscle and nerve function
    • Sodium to avoid muscle cramping
    • Phosphate for muscle repair

    For dogs suffering from acute illness, try DoggyRade Pro. It provides the same function as DoggyRade but is fortified with more prebiotics and amino acids, to support dogs affected by digestive or intestinal disorders. It is helpful in cases like gastroenteritis, pancreatitis and
    other illnesses such as vomiting and diarrhea.

    YummyRade – entices your pet’s appetite and aids digestion

      YummyRade pet drinkYummyRade is an award-winning low-calorie meal enhancer to improve the taste and palatability of pet food. It contains prebiotics to support normal gut health. Cat and dog food can sometimes be dry and tasteless. YummyRade provides a rich and savoury, low-calorie chicken flavoured treat, to add to your pet’s food. The flavour burst encourages them to eat, while also providing them with prebiotics to support gut health. YummyRade makes food tastier, without worrying about weight gain or creating digestive issues. Make every mealtime your pet’s favourite.

      KittyRade – finally, the hydration your cat needs!

      Cat drinking kittyRade
      KittyRade is an award-winning isotonic drink, that encourages reliable hydration in cats. As most cat owners know – cats are extremely fussy drinkers and a normal cat requires about 50ml of water per kilo of bodyweight per day. It can be difficult to get them to drink any liquid and most cats do not drink enough fluids. Kidney disease is the most common illness in cats, with as many as one in three cats being affected. It can also lead to urinary problems. In palatability trials, cats drank NINE times more KittyRade than water and all 20 cats preferred KittyRade to water. KittyRade contains prebiotics and electrolytes, similar to DoggyRade, and also includes essential amino acids like taurine for eye and heart health.

      All the ready-to-drink solutions are low calorie, gluten and grain free, and non-GMO. They are formulated by veterinarians, designed and proven to increase fluid intake through a delicious chicken taste pets love!

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