CATSCat FlapsRevolutionise your pet’s mealtimes with MiBowl

Revolutionise your pet’s mealtimes with MiBowl

Here at Closer Pets, we understand that – whether you’re considering getting your first pet or have had cats or dogs in the family for some time – health and well-being are top of the list.

From refreshing water fountains and reliable automatic feeders to smart pet doors and handy pet wipes, our user-friendly product range promotes increased hydration, a healthy diet and heightened security (plus clean paws!) – making pet ownership that much easier.

Read on to discover the latest addition to our product range – the new MiBowlTM – plus an exclusive Closer Pets offer of £10 off when you spend £50 or more, using code: GETCLOSER10

Do you have a greedy rascal who loves stealing your other pet’s food? Or a four-legged companion with a specialist diet that only they should eat? Or maybe you just have the one pet and want to be sure their food is kept sealed and fresh while you’re out of the house? Whatever your pet party, MiBowlTM is the perfect solution for stress-free mealtimes, ensuring everyone gets their fair share and helping to avoid any fallouts when tummies start to rumble.

7 reasons why MiBowlTM is the perfect pet owner accessory:

1.VIP access
MiBowlTM uses market-leading technology to detect your pet’s individual microchip, giving them unique access to their next meal whenever they need it. Colour-coded name tags also ensure that the right pet gets the right food – perfect for those who are on regulated or prescription diets.

2.Sealed as standard
The clever design of MiBowlTM means it’s fully enclosed and prevents spillages – if you share a household with more than one pet, rest assured that any peckish siblings therefore can’t sneakily access the rear or sides of the device during feeding. Calm at last! What’s more, MiBowlTM comes with removeable portion-protecting clips, providing an extra shield for kittens, pups and smaller dogs.

3.Balanced portions
As mentioned in our recent article ‘Worried about your pet’s weight?’, portion control is key as part of maintaining a healthy weight for your pet and to ward off serious pet health issues that obesity can bring, such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis and high blood pressure. The new MiBowlTM holds up to 350ml of wet or dry food, meaning consistent, balanced portions are a given!

4.Perfectly positioned
The new MiBowlTM has been designed in such a way that it offers a natural feeding position. The bowl is raised and has a protective surround – enabling easy access and allowing your pet’s paws to remain firmly on the ground for optimal comfort.

5.The ultimate half-dayer
MibowlTM holds enough food to keep your pet fed and happy for a morning or afternoon, and microchip technology grants access to their meal even when you’re out of the house – meaning you can pop to the shop, attend that gym class or have a night out with friends…worry-free!

6.Simple to set up
MibowlTM is simple to use and has an easily accessible control panel positioned along the top so you can start using it at the push of a button.

7.Table for 10
MibowlTM has the capacity to pair up to 10 pets with microchips or electronic I.D. Disc collar tags so that everyone gets their fill. With a compact footprint, quiet operation and stylish colour-coded features, the microchip feeder will also seamlessly blend into your home and lifestyle.

Exclusive special offer
If the new MiBowlTM Automatic Microchip Pet Feeder strikes you as something that would bring order to mealtimes in your single- or multi-pet household, make use of our exclusive offer today!

Get £10 off your order when you spend £50 or more, using the code: GETCLOSER10.

The Closer Pets range

Over the last 36 years, we’ve tirelessly developed our products to help you better understand your pets’ needs and therefore bring you closer together. Here at Closer Pets, we’re proud to have established a reputation for designing unique and innovative patented pet products, so take a look at our website to discover how we can support you and your cats, dogs and fish today!

Pet fountains
Our unique refreshers are suitable for all cats and small- to large dogs, keeping every four-legged companion topped up with a fresh supply of H2O throughout the day. With varying levels of drinking stations and a polymer-carbon filter, they provide plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, flowing water to promote increased drinking.
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Automatic pet feeders
Our automatic pet feeders ensure fresh and perfectly portioned wet or dry meals are served, whether you’re out at work or away overnight. These modern food dispensers come in an array of sizes and have been developed to keep one and all happy and fed when it comes to mealtimes!

Pet flaps
From simple, lockable pet doors to smart pet doors that use microchip technology, our ‘freedom finders’ are the perfect solution for any household and will give you ultimate control of your companions’ movements while allowing them to roam to their heart’s content.

Closer Pets products

View our full product range and get £10 off your order when you spend £50 or more at, using the code: GETCLOSER10.



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