DOGSSafe. Happy. Healthy. Follow your pet’s every move with Tractive.

Safe. Happy. Healthy. Follow your pet’s every move with Tractive.

You’ll always know where your cat or dog is with Tractive, the world’s most trusted GPS tracker for pets. Plus, keep them healthy by tracking their activity and sleep.

If you’re a pet parent, you’ve probably (at least once) worried about your furry friend going missing. Good news is, you can say goodbye to that with a Tractive tracker.Find your buddy in no time with location updates every 2-3 seconds in LIVE Mode. Thanks to a subscription that costs less than a tea and a treat a month, you’ll enjoy unlimited range worldwide.

Happy dog with Tractive

Got an escape artist? Set safe zones (like your garden) and no-go zones (like a field near a road) and get alerts if your cat or dog wanders too far. Cat parent? You’ll finally see what they’re up to when you’re not around with location history. Plus, get to know their roaming territory. Goodbye, mystery! Tractive also lets you monitor your buddy’s wellbeing. See how active they’ve been, set daily goals and compare with similar pets. Know they’re getting enough rest, spot sleep patterns and detect issues early. Bit busy? No worries.

For no extra cost, you can let friends, family, sitters and walkers track with you. All that, from the comfort of your phone screen. Which means peace of mind 24/7, wherever you go.

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