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Sea Snax Experience And Benefits

Hey there you, 

Sharing is caring, so I want to share with you my experience and the journey of how I ended up on the front of a pack of dog treats.

After un – wittingly been fed for years artificially pumped treats from big brands, my sensitive little tum tum, just couldn’t handle it. So why not try Sea Snax for some fishy goodness.

Sea SnaxAfter trying dozens of so called premium dog treats it just seemed as though there was always downsides, if it was natural, it was produced too far away in a land I don’t know. Or if it was “natural” then the ingredients list still seemed to long, or packed full of nasty fillers.

Yes yes, you may think well  you’re on the front of the pack, you’re biased but here’s the real story, my owners would eat the human version which has too many spicy ingredients added but I loved the flavour of the fish so I kept begging them for a crisp or two. So being the absolute bae’s they are they created a version for me, and my friends. A version with one ingredient: salmon skin, that’s been gently baked here in the UK, literally down the road, we might even walk past it every day.

Not only are these treats super good for my coat thanks to the omega 3 levels, which can get dry because I’m getting older, they are packed with high quality salmon protein, 62% of it per pack!

No grains, no filler, just salmon skin, as it should be. Because why shouldn’t we eat the same quality of food as our owners?!

So why do I say Human Grade? Well, simply put I wont eat these treats unless those naughty humans do!

Woof love,


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