DOGSSensitive Dogs get a Superfood Boost with Arden Grange

Sensitive Dogs get a Superfood Boost with Arden Grange

We all want the best for our beloved dogs, whether it’s choosing the right food, giving them plenty of exercise, keeping them calm in stressful situations or simply making sure they are truly loved. Most of us will go to any length to keep our pups happy and healthy.

Some dogs need a bit of extra dietary care when it comes to sensitivities. Canine allergies are on the rise and choosing the right food can make a big difference to the overall wellbeing of sensitive dogs. Pet sensitives can manifest in several ways including dry, itchy skin, recurring ear infections or diarrhoea. If you think your dog has a sensitivity, please consult with your vet and it might be worth considering a different diet.

Luckily, Arden Grange has got you covered. The super-premium pet food company recently celebrated 25 years of trusted nutrition – they know a thing or two about managing pet sensitivities, be it the year-round seasonal challenges such as pollens and mites, or allergies to certain ingredients.

Sensitive Nutrition You Can Trust

Arden Grange new sensitive productsThe award-winning Sensitive Range by Arden Grange has been enhanced with a new ‘Superfood Blend’ and the introduction of two new products – Sensitive Adult Mini and Sensitive Adult Large Breed, RRP from £12.65.

Ocean white fish, potato and sweet potato are the three main ingredients, all of which are easily digestible and have low allergenicity. Prebiotics FOS and MOS further aid digestion, while omega-3 and 6 from krill and linseed help support the skin and coat condition, as well as the brain and heart. Joint supplements, glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin promote healthy, supple joints. And, like all Arden Grange products, the Sensitive recipes exclude ingredients more commonly associated with adverse food reactions in dogs – wheat/gluten, beef, soya and dairy products.

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Superfood for Super Dogs
The new superfood blend of fruit and plant extracts, has many benefits that we feel will provide further support to our dogs’ immune systems. With the two new products, the Sensitive range can now help even more dogs, of different sizes, with itchy skin and delicate digestion to get back to optimum health and vitality. – Ness Bird, Nutrition Advisor explains.

Expertly developed, the ‘Superfood Blend by Arden Grange’ is included within all Arden Grange dry Sensitive dog diets. The blend combines nine new natural ingredients that have proven health benefits, including citrus extract to help reduce inflammation and support the microbiome and dried dark fruit and berry extracts to help protect against free radicals. Curcumin (the main active compound in the turmeric root) is included for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while black pepper increases the absorption time of curcumin into the body.

Seeking Advice for Dog Sensitivities
Our dogs do a lot of sniffing, so it’s no surprise that certain things can get up their noses and cause them problems. They are also smaller than adult humans, so what might be mildly bothersome to us such as a high pollen count on a summer’s day could be a lot more irritating to an atopic pet. So, a diet that supports the immune system can be very beneficial.” – Says Ness.

For expert nutritional advice for your dog, you can catch Arden Grange at Crufts (10-13 March, Birmingham NEC). Arden Grange will be celebrating 25 years of trusted nutrition, with experts available to answer questions and the full range of products on display to purchase.

For more advice about pet sensitivities or to find your nearest Arden Grange stockist, please visit 



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