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Start your pup on a path to dental health

As your puppy grows, you’ll notice numerous changes as it ages.

From the adorable plump puppy belly that leads to a growth spurt to the comically oversized ears as your dog grows into its body, there’s a lot to learn throughout each stage of growth. One important development for your pup will be the growth of its teeth.

Around the time your puppy is 12 to 16 weeks old, your puppy starts losing its baby teeth to make room for its new adult teeth. This teething process can be painful so providing a puppy-safe toy to chew on can help with alleviating gum pain and assisting in the teething process. Additionally, it is helpful to start acclimating your dog to having its teeth brushed while it is young. Keeping new teeth clean is an important part of helping your pup develop healthily.

Start your puppy out on the right path by providing puppy-safe dental chews, like WHIMZEES® By Wellness Puppy Dental Treats. These dental chews are specially crafted just for puppies as of three months and are softer than adult chews, making it the perfect texture for their combination of baby & adult teeth. Each treat is designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup as the puppy chews and contains calcium to support growing teeth.

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