CATSCat HealthcareStrap-in and experience 7-8 months of freedom

Strap-in and experience 7-8 months of freedom

Pets have stolen a place in our hearts and our homes. No longer simply a ‘companion animal’, our cats and dogs play a major role in family life, acting as best friend, playmate and exercise buddy.

But if you don’t protect them from parasites, your little family unit could be rudely interrupted by an infestation of unwanted visitors, putting your pet and your family’s health at risk.

Seresto man with dogThat’s because if your dog or cat is unprotected when they go out exploring, they could easily become a tasty blood meal for fleas and ticks. Not only can these parasites be an irritating nuisance, they can also transmit serious diseases, such as Lyme disease via ticks, putting playtime on pause.

The good news is with effective pet parasite treatment, it’s easy to help protect the whole household. Seresto Flea and Tick Control collar is clinically proven to kill fleas and repel and kill ticks for 7-8 months – the longest lasting protection available in a single application. Odourless, water-resistant and easy to apply, Seresto features a specially designed safety release mechanism to give you peace of mind, perfect for exploring pets!

Using special technology, the collar’s active ingredients are slowly released at controlled low doses onto your pet’s skin and coat to help keep them protected. There’s no mess, no grease and no smell and no need to remember monthly flea and tick treatments.

Seresto man with dog on bike

Don’t let fleas or ticks spoil the fun. With Seresto, your dog or cat has the freedom to adventure for 7-8 months without the fear of fleas and ticks – one collar is all it takes.

Available from your vet or in store and online from official retailers at

Use Medicines Responsibly
Seresto™ Flea and Tick Control collar contains imidacloprid and flumethrin [NFA-VPS]. Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber. Further information from the datasheet at or on
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