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Summer is upon us, and with summer comes lots of outdoor fun with our pets. However, the summer heat can present dangers to your pet, including dehydration.

Some tips to keep your dog hydrated and cool during warmer days are:

  • Spray cool water or place damp cloths on their neck, pads of feet, or belly.
  • Make sure your dog always has a bowl of fresh, cool water available.
  • Include wet food in their diet.
  • Prepare a refreshing homemade treat with Wellness CORE Savoury Medleys & WHIMZEES Alligator

Regarding wet food, we know lots of pet parents believe that dry food is a healthier option. In fact, a complete and balanced wet dog food is just as healthy nutritionally! Here are some of the benefits of including wet food in your dog’s diet:

  • Protein and Palatability
    Wet dog foods typically contain more meat protein than dry dog food – plus they’re made with fewer carbohydrates, so it’s no wonder that dogs often find wet food more tasty than dry. If your dog continually turns his nose up at dry food, add a bit of wet food on top – it’s all about pleasing their taste buds!
  • Easier to Digest
    Wet dog foods are easier to digest. Their softer texture means it doesn’t need as much chewing to break this type of food down. If your pooch has digestive difficulties or an upset stomach, the wet food’s high moisture content and soft texture make it easier on their tummy.
  • Added Moisture
    Some dogs drink less than others. If you’re worried about your dog’s water intake, wet food is a great way to add moisture into their diet. Increasing the amount of water they consume will help put less strain on major organs such as the kidneys, as well as on the urinary tract.

Beat the heat this summer with this refreshing snack:

Step 1: Take a WHIMZEES Alligator & a Wellness CORE Savoury Medleys of your choice.
Chick Turkey and Lamb Vension
Step 2: Fill the WHIMZEES Alligator with Wellness CORE Savoury Medleys.
Alligator with Savoury Medley
Step 3: Put your new tasty treat in the fridge for an hour or so.
Step 4: Let your dog enjoy their chilled treat and cool down!
Pippa & Treat

And remember, while enjoying this delicious treat your dog is also cleaning their teeth! WHIMZEES(r) By Wellness dental treats are designed to help prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar and support healthy gums. The unique and fun shape of the Alligator helps to clean into the smaller spaces between your dog’s teeth as they chew, and encourage blood flow through the gums to help prevent bad breath, plus the hollow middle allows teeth to grip and chew more evenly.

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