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Targeted Skincare For Your Pet

What is targeted skincare?

Every pet will have a different skin type. Some pets are lucky to have a perfect skin and coat but many will suffer from itchy or irritated skin at times during the summer and some may suffer from dandruff. Targeted skincare will target these problems and aid in their healing.

Pet parents will sometimes also want a product that is not Leucillin, that is antibacterial or antifungal to help their pet’s skin. Do consult your vet for advice on your pet’s skin as there can be many reasons for your pet’s skin to look or appear a certain way.

targeted skincare douxoA premium targeted skincare range called DOUXO S3 has been developed with leading veterinary dermatologists, putting the pet parent at the centre of the process. Each part of the range is clinically proven and you can be confident that it will help your pet’s skin. S3 stands for SAFE SKINCARE SELECTION.

SAFE: DOUXO S3 is leading the way in producing products that have been shown to be well tolerated by both pet’s and their parents, only including the essential ingredients and free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, soap, colourants or nanoparticles.

SKINCARE: The whole range contains an innovative active ingredient called OPHYTRIUM which is clinically proven to help maintain a healthy skin barrier.

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SELECTION: The range boasts a number of application methods for you to choose from including shampoos mousses and pads. The bottles are also designed to be easy to use while all parts of the range contain a hypoallergenic fragrance (coconut and vanilla) and also pleasant textures of mousse and shampoo lather.

Targeted skincare is used in humans and many brands are available in pharmacies across the UK. Now you have DOUXO S3 for your pet!  Available from your vet, online pharmacies and very recently it has been launched in 271 Pets at Home stores. Why not give it a try.

What part of the range do I need to use?

The range is easy to navigate and is colour coded.

DOUXO S3 CALM – For Itchy, irritated or sensitive skin – SHAMPOO AND MOUSSE

DOUXO S3 SEB – For oily skin or dandruff – SHAMPOO and MOUSSE

DOUXO S3 PYO – Antibacterial and antifungal – SHAMPOO,  MOUSSE and PADS

DOUXO S3 Care – For general skin care with skin barrier support – SHAMPOO

See the links to the videos below to give you some top tips on how to apply your DOUXO S3 product.



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