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The Barking Bakery Celebrate 10 Years with a Stylish Rebrand

Commemorating a decade in the canine confectionery business, The Barking Bakery not only marks its longevity but also its continuous success in delighting dogs and owners alike.

This milestone is followed by a transformative rebranding, revealing a fresh and modern look reflecting the joy of their delightful treats.

Collaborating with the award-winning branding agency Tim Marner, The Barking Bakery’s rebranding is a visual feast, showcasing a harmonious blend of cheeky playfulness that reflects their commitment to quality doggy confectionery. Tim Marner’s expertise in crafting compelling brand identities has breathed new life into the bakery’s image, capturing the essence of their unique story.

Owner Michelle expresses pride in the brand’s craziness, stand-out colours, and doggo language quirks that contribute to its success. The collaboration with Tim Marner has not only revitalised the brand but also expanded its digital reach.

As The Barking Bakery celebrates its tenth anniversary, the journey continues with the launch of their new “Christmas Turkey Flavour Popcorn,” new manufacturing machinery investment, and a recent showcase in Sainsbury’s local stores. This rebrand positions the bakery for even greater heights, promising even more innovative and wholesome creations for the years ahead.

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