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The Barking Bakery Reveals a Tail-wagging New Look

In the heart of canine confectionery, The Barking Bakery marks a decade of delight, celebrating not only 10 years in business this year but also the continuous success that has made tails wag and dogs drool.

This milestone is not just about longevity; it’s a testament to the unwavering commitment to creating treats that dogs adore and owners trust.

To commemorate this significant anniversary in June, The Barking Bakery underwent a transformative rebranding, revealing a fresh, modern look that captures the essence of their delightful canine creations. The new packaging is a visual feast that reflects the joyous treats nestled within. From Woofins to Domuttz, each product is now adorned in stylish attire that honours their commitment to quality and celebrations.

Michelle at the barking bakeryThe Barking Bakery collaborated with the award-winning branding agency Tim Marner Limited to bring this artistic rebranding vision to life. Tim Marner’s expertise in creating visually stunning and compelling brand identities played a pivotal role in encapsulating the essence of The Barking Bakery. The result is a harmonious blend of cheeky playfulness, which reflects the bakery’s commitment to offering a deliciously tasty and fun doggy confectionary made from the best ingredients for our four-legged friends, bringing happiness and love to every dog in the world.

“The Barking Bakery has a unique story to tell, and we wanted to ensure that the brand’s essence is conveyed effectively through our digital strategies,” says Tim Marner, the agency’s founder. “Our goal was to create a captivating digital experience that reflects the joy and celebration associated with The Barking Bakery’s treats.”

Owner Michelle says, “I absolutely love the craziness of our brand, the stand-out colours and quirks of our doggo language, has been a huge element to the success and identity of The Barking Bakery, which makes me very proud; Tim Marner’s collaboration with The Barking Bakery has not only breathed new life into the brand but also amplified its reach in the digital landscape. Tim and his team have been a breath of fresh air; they tweaked what already existed, bringing our beloved dog to life with a new name and a more animated look.”

The Barking Bakery products

As The Barking Bakery celebrates a decade of delight, the journey doesn’t end here. The bakery is poised for even greater heights with the successful rebranding and collaboration with Tim Marner. The launch of their new product, “Christmas Turkey Flavour Popcorn,” investment in new manufacturing machinery, and recent showcasing of their Christmas range in Sainsbury’s local stores are just a glimpse into the innovative and wholesome creations that await furry customers in the years to come.

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