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The Benefits Of Boswellia For Joint Care In Pets

Maintaining joint health for pets is important to ensure they lead a happy and healthy life with you. Their mobility can greatly impact their quality of life with even the smallest of tasks like getting into the car or bending down to their food bowl becoming a task.

There are a number of reasons why your pet might need extra support, like using Boswellia Extract, with their joint health, which includes, old age, being overweight, as well as trauma or injury. Joint stiffness tends to occur more often as you pet ages and some large breeds of dog in particular, are more prone to developing joint stiffness.

Signs your pet could need extra support for their joints could include:

  • Your pet may like resting more following exercise.
  • Your dog may lag behind on walks or not want to go out as much.
  • They may avoid performing certain tasks, such as jumping into the car or onto a chair.
  • Your pet may seem irritable or sometimes aggressive.
  • Pets might seek out warm spots around the house, such as sunny spots, heat vents or near to radiators.

Boswellia Extract for joint health

Boswellia trees are native to North Africa and India, the particular species Boswellia serrata only grows in mountainous forests of western and central India.

Boswellia Extract plays an important role in maintaining healthy joint function, in dogs, cats and horses. It has been used for thousands of years and has over 400 independent clinical studies supporting its use. It has long been recognised for its fast-acting support to the natural systems that control inflammation.

According to early Ayurvedic texts, Boswellia was used in a number of areas such as: joint, respiratory and digestive support. More recent clinical studies have shown the efficacy of Boswellia for many more traditional uses.

Boswellia Extract plays an important role in supporting smooth and comfortable joint movement. Unlike many unnatural ingredients, it does not cause damage to cartilage and its use has yielded impressive research results.

The benefits of Boswellia include:

  • It helps to maintain smooth and comfortable joint movement.
  • It will not cause damage to cartilage.
  • There are no reported side effects with long-term administration.
  • It does not cause glycosaminoglycan degradation, stomach irritation and joint degradation.
  • It can help to maintain the structural integrity of joint cartilage.

Tips to support joint health

To help maintain optimum joint health for your pet there are some positive things you can do, which include:

Gentle exercise – It is important that your pet gets regular exercise to avoid stiffness and muscle wastage. Think little and often to keep the joints mobile.

Watch their weight – Overweight dogs can be more prone to joint stiffness and reduced mobility. Excess weight can add pressure to their joints.

Comfort – Provide a warm and comfy bed for your pet and be sure to give them plenty of bedding to pad around their joints.

Visit your vet – Regular vet visits ensure that your dog’s joints can be monitored. It is important to have regular health checks to ensure your pet is receiving the best possible care.

Natural supplements  – Boswellia Extract is the unique key ingredient in nutraquin+, which is a fast-acting joint support product containing the necessary high strength ingredients that help maintain healthy joint function in dogs, cats and horses, whilst supporting the natural systems that control inflammation.Boswellia Extract dog with Frisbee

The benefits of nutraquin+ are noticeable on average within one week due to its high strength formula and the inclusion of Boswellia Extract, which supports the natural systems that control inflammation.

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