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Cotswold RAW: The Benefits Of Raw Feeding

Feeding raw can have a significant effect on your dog’s vitality. If you’re thinking about making the switch, there’s a whole range of benefits you might not know about – from enhanced digestion to improved oral hygiene.

feeding raw guideFeeding a balanced and complete raw diet emulates the food and nutrition that nature intended. Processed pet food on the other hand was created for the ease and convenience of humans, not always to the nutritional benefit of your dog.

Cotswold RAW complete meals are based on fresh ingredients including raw meat, bones, seasonal vegetables and herbs and provide all the benefits of a natural species appropriate diet. By feeding your dog Cotswold RAW you can guarantee there will be no artificial additives, grain or high temperature processing. High in protein, vitamins, minerals, essential amino and fatty acids and the natural enzymes for a happy healthy diet.

feeding rawHow do I switch from processed food to a Cotswold RAW diet?

Most dogs will wolf down the tasty raw dog food immediately. For the more cautious, gradually switch to Cotswold RAW dog food by decreasing the amounts of kibble over a seven-day period. It will take between one to two weeks to see the benefits.

How much and how often?

Adult dogs should be fed, as a guide, 2-3% of their ideal adult bodyweight per day. Be sure to take in account any treats you give your dog, as with all food, overfeeding can result in health issues in the future.

Cotswold RAW offer a whole range of products. From daily diet for puppies, right through to older dogs – including natural treats and supplements.

If you’re not sure which would be best for your dog, or want to learn more about feeding raw, take a look at our website, or just give us a ring on 01386 426 335



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